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Met August 2004, Bronx, NY Posted

C and i met back in SEP of 2005, He had sent me a note, and not knowing that i would end up falling in love wit him i sent one back, After the notes back and fourh, we started talking on aim for hours, talking about n e and everything, and i found mysefl being able to tell him things i couldnt tell no one, he was just so cool and thats what i liked about him, A couple of weeks later we where on aim talking, and he said he had something to tell me, and that was the first time he told me he loved me, I remeber thinking to myself this dude is crazy, but for some reason i knew he met it, and a month later on my b-day, he said i was his wifey :), But yea its been 11 months now ( not nearly as long as ya'll on here lol), we going on a year, we been through alot, like me moving out of state and other things, but we still holding on even tho we mad young (18 and 19) so some might say its young love or whatever, but i just wanna thank BP, for my first love

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