djali1996 If massa asked a slave where they were going they told him where they had been: stop posting ya moves. Chain breaking... - February 01 add/view comments (0)

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Left Hands...


I get it now, you know all the times when you heard You'll understand one day, just keep on living. it would make me so mad, when was one day going to come? But I get it now. I get why my elders would answer your questions with something that was not quite what you asked them. If I asked my mother where we were going she would sayYou'll see when you get there UgggH! If I asked my cousin my elder by 10 years where he was going, you know like what you bout to do? He would tell me where he had been... (continue reading)



January 12, 2018I am hoping do some redeeming of my failings. My love of self, my Afrikan where ever in the Diaspora I am self, and people who share some or all of my dna claims to the continent of Akbuland, all that love requires that I repent, reclaim and redeem myself. At this time the weight of some usual and extra drama in my space, will mean that I am going to have to do this in small parts. Hope yall can bear with me.In the interest of obedience and using time wisely I offer thisPeople... (continue reading)

Billie's Blues


I don't know why, but I'm feeling so sadI long to try something I've never hadNever had no kissin', oh, what I've been missin'Lover man, oh, where can you be...Billie Holiday, Lover Man Ramirez,Davis, ShermanBillie had plenty of reasons for feeling so sad the usual romance, finance, family issues. She also, like millions before and after, selfmedicated with drugs including alcohol which magnified her blues.I find myself examining the source of my so sad blues. I've had my share of missin a... (continue reading)

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We may meet for a reason, a season or a lifetime. However our purpose will always be derailed if you are not coming as a GAM: Grown %#&@$! Men have learned that what they bring to the table will be valued by someone, somewhere. If you still find the need to fabricate, omit, just out and out lie then you ain't there yet. Save yourself some time and contact me when you reach GAM status.
If you haven't discovered the miracle that is you, you won't recognize the awesomeness of me... "::It's a poor wind that doesn't blow some change...":: -my Momma. I am growing, learning, changing. It is exciting, challenging, sometimes scary. I'm ready for change, my mind and heart have expanded. November 2016 Come with your whole grown self... Time lost is not retrievable, let's not waste it with games. I'm grown, really grown, only interested in grown men. Don't waste my time if you are: under 55, selling goods or services, need financial assistance, married or involved. I can assure I am not falling for any of the aforementioned, so you should use your time with those who may be susceptible to such foolery.

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2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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