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Living just enough for the Planet


Blessings! I'm writing something personal, bear with me now. I am an Afrikan woman born and surviving the u.s. . I joined the Planet because it is BLACKPlanet.I come here because I want to interact with Black Afrikans in america people and from throughout the diaspora. I wade through a lot of drama, body shots, trolls, scammers, vulgar photos and posts and on and on. I know that not everyone has the same tastes, so I wade through that to get to what draws me here informational posts, beautiful... (continue reading)



The Montgomery Bus Boycott ended 12201956 380 days of protesting, walking, marching, cooperating, carpooling and supporting a common goal. Lots were fired, assaulted, jailed. They paid a high price so that you can sit in the back by CHOICE. The most important lesson I learned is this the refusal to continue to finance our own oppression is what forced the change. We would be still be sitting in the back by force of law had they just protested and continued to pay a fare. Happy insert whatever... (continue reading)

The Hour


Even if you knew what to do, and have prepared yourself to do so, would you want to survive and your loved ones perish? What to dosave one's self or stand in the flames together? What to honor wisdom or loyalty?

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We may meet for a reason, a season or a lifetime. However our purpose will always be derailed if you are not coming as a GAM: Grown %#&@$! Men have learned that what they bring to the table will be valued by someone, somewhere. If you still find the need to fabricate, omit, just out and out lie then you ain't there yet. Save yourself some time and contact me when you reach GAM status.
If you haven't discovered the miracle that is you, you won't recognize the awesomeness of me... "::It's a poor wind that doesn't blow some change...":: -my Momma. I am growing, learning, changing. It is exciting, challenging, sometimes scary. I'm ready for change, my mind and heart have expanded. November 2016 Come with your whole grown self... Time lost is not retrievable, let's not waste it with games. I'm grown, really grown, only interested in grown men. Don't waste my time if you are: under 55, selling goods or services, need financial assistance, married or involved. I can assure I am not falling for any of the aforementioned, so you should use your time with those who may be susceptible to such foolery.

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2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...