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I have a Mission: to conquer and subdue nations, to rule them (nations) with a rod of iron and place them under subjection to The written and Living Word.


I have a Commission: to bring my people (Judah) into the Promised Land and establish a Righteous Government (Kingdom) that will rule and reign over All kingdoms of the world.




This is my calling and my destiny!

Follow me!


Welcome to The Real "NEW WORLD ORDER!"

Rev 2:26-29 / Rev 3:21

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This page was created for the purpose of informing, warning, gathering, and directing those whom will adhere to Present Truth in relation to prophetic events that will occur in this country and around the world. This truth has and will continue to affect their lives in a serious manner. This page will provide critical information that is pertinent to and for the continued survival of many who will experience and or witness life changing, world shaking events that they may have assumed would never occur in their lifetime.


Some that read these words will not live to see the complete fulfillment of these events. The reason is due to the fact that their lives will be cut short because of their personal experience of, with, and during these soon coming catastrophic events which will occur in and across America. This occurrence will be on the scale of biblical proportion even as those that lost their lives during and after Hurricane Katrina which was the beginning of sorrows in this country. Sad to say that many will not believe until after these events occur; then, some still will not believe.


This page, its affiliate websites, blogs and pages are presented for information as a guide, a road map and/or compass to help those seeking refuge to navigate or direct the reader to safety while hopefully shaking many loose from their false sense of hope and security in this the United States of America and its system of government (Democracy) in a time when the Word of God and the Spirit of God has forecast and ordered its demise and downfall. That same Spirit has ordered the rise of a new and final Superpower Kingdom Government to replace this present government. This new Kingdom/Government is predicted to conquer all nations and never cease to exist. Daniel Chapter 2.


It is my desire to render foreknowledge and information through this time of the changing of the guard that you be not overburdened with uncertainty but that you would go forth with assurance and confidence during this time in full and complete knowledge that God is still in control and has and are ordering these events for His good purpose and pleasure.


It is my sincere hopes and desires that my people will not ignore these messages. The political, spiritual, community leaders and general public of New Orleans did ignore the message given to them in their time of warning for preparation and paid a seriously high price.


Welcome to the Future!

Yahowah Melech




"The Diamond"


475 years ago our Black ancestors were brought here to this land and were used by the one and only true almighty God, the Creator of heaven and earth to laboriously cultivate and develop that which was not into a thriving empire.


Through intense toil and pressure the Black Race, which was considered not very desirable for anything other than a laborious work force has now evolved through the tempering process of our Creator into a Stone that is being thrown in this hour to cause the Kingdoms of this world to crumble.


This Black piece of coal which was considered to be useless except to be trampled under the foot of men has now been hewed out of a mountain of despair and has been transformed into a beautiful Diamond which is the hardest substance known to the human race.


This Diamond is being called upon by its Creator today to cut away all that is offensive to Him.


This Diamond is being called to cut away and remove each and every thing that is not pleasing in the Master sight.


This Diamond has been given the responsibility in this hour to establish a standard that is pleasing to our Master, Savior and Lord Jesus Christ whom is God and Creator of all.


This Diamond is being sent to spearhead the movement into the Promised Land to establish a Government (Kingdom on earth) that will never end!

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