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    Black/African American

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You...believer of lovetrue...believer in lovebring your love down to melet me see what you seefrom our hearts you shall speak to mecome bring love unto us allwe listen for love's callwe need love most right nowit lives but not in all of usbut the seeds of love can be plantedour redemption of love will be grantedonly believers of love will light our wayonly painstaking questions to the light of dayjust love and hope brings us above the fray (continue reading)

soul's mating


I am mating my soul with yoursnot a physical mating but a spiritual matingjoining our dreams to make one visionjoining our coitus to form one loveno thing of lustno quest of the eroticbut the joining of all of our consciousnessto really make one beingI am mating my me to your youmaking of one beingundefined as a pairunhealthy i swearbut loving so completelyloving you in all realmsloving you as a flower lovesas I open up to youI am mating my all to youembrace me my loveaccept all of my loveI... (continue reading)

dream visit


As I visit you in your dreamsleaving all inhibitions behindI shower you with lovelike picking a fresh olive from a vineand taste the smoothness of your fleshso freshas our love envelopes the roomdressed in a quintessential bloomyour flower seems to await methe aroma pulls me inyour eyes seem to call out to meas we make love againI know I am in your dreamsas you entertain minewe seek love as a loving teamhave another glass of wine (continue reading)



Intimacy...touching is a byproductof a glance where polite gesturesfeigning dreamlike situationssultry moments that bring longing to the touchesof gestated heartachebrings love to the surface calling upon or most ancient feelingsof pheromone induced momentsas we shun emotional hopelessness bringing close our relationship to the malaise of our destiny becoming one intimate unit (continue reading)

of elves and ancestors


Its funny we ave faith in all but ourselvesbut in the ancestors of slave owners and a christmas elfwe seem to think that these folks have our interests at bestwatch that knife through our back as it comes through our chestthe scorpion's tale you know that old satire where in the end he revealed his true natureyou think god would really reveal his light to them?As you read the same scriptures that has kept you in checktaking your place his order you peckseeds sewn and tossed upon the groundyou... (continue reading)

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