dossy Fixed favorite member notification emails that were stuck and not being sent - check my blog for details - January 29 add/view comments (0)

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There's some rearranging of bits going on at BP, so there may be some stuff breaking temporarily here and there. :-(

Thanks for your patience, everyone. I promise I'm trying to keep the breakage to a minimum... :)

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Favorite notifications are working again


You may have noticed a ton of soandso has favorited you email notifications starting Sunday Jan 29th. Do not be alarmed, it's not a scam.At some point, these notifications got stuck and weren't getting sent out, and were piling up. This was finally noticed and fixed on Sunday, and some 230,000 notifications that were piled up finally went out.Maybe the burst of notifications gave someone a fright, but things should be back to normal levels by Monday morning.Good night, BlackPlanet,DossyBP... (continue reading)

Email verification emails should be working again


Under certain conditions, email verification emails weren't being sent out. A change was made to correct this, and email verification emails should be going out as expected, again.If you're trying to verify your email address and not receiving the verification email, comment on this post and I'll look into it.Thanks,DossyBP janitor and parttime postmaster

BP Notes outage


Starting around 430 PM USEastern time on Friday January 26th, a system change resulted in severe degradation of the the BP notes infrastructure resulting in intermittent outage across the site and mobile app, and complete loss of notes functionality.Repairs are ongoing, and this post will be updated once notes functionality has been fully restored.UPDATE 804 PM Repairs are complete, and BP notes functionality has been fully restored.