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    February 24, 2010

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    Orange, NJ

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    Black/African American

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im out.. way 2 many thirsty brothers destroyin my inbox.. for real it took me over an HOUR to find the note from the 1 man i wuz tryna contact so we could link up on my day off work. Plus i think J got my pass.. Neway imma wrap it up.. im gettin on that next level out here in NJ and this spot got supa wack with the talkn bout nasty foot fetish prvrts blowin up my nbox asking to suck on mah toes.. this issh for the birdz

one last pose for tha haters and foot suckin prvrts..

* D..E..U..C..E..S * B..1..T..C..H..Z *


Alyssa... smart, vivacious, 20-something livin in NJ with a sensual side that burns 2 the core. I appreciate the grown & sexy things in life, like pour'n up, turn'n up, water beds. mirrors on the ceilings, silk/satin, aromatherepy, heated oils, fragrant bubble baths, whipped cream, foot rubs, hot candle wax, the beach at night time iwth the stars out in the sky cuddled up with a sexy not too picky when it comes to skin tone or weight

Most females type a long list of requirements for the man that they would be interested in, like he has to be six-feet tall, has to be light-skinned and well groomed, had to be physically fit, driving a top of the line automobile, living in a certain neighborhood, going to a certain church, making well over six figures, blah, blah,blah, however I'm not that kind of conceited/self absorbed/delusional b*tch. I have no "set in stone" requirements. Just would like to meet a man who lives near me with a good heart.. who will spend time with me, not just in the bedroom.. not out 24-7 chilln with his boys. I love to play my ps4 and chill at home rather than going out to clubs.. so knowing how to play NBA on playstation would be a definite +