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Hello all!


I am living in Japan. It is really interesting here. I really urge all Brothers and Sisters to go get a passport, whether you plan to travel or not. I am not a Christian. I have no religious connections. I will say that I was raised up in the church. I do remember what I was taught and learned. There is a verse that says, "a man is not respected in his own town." The opposite of that is, " a man is honored in another town."


This is so true. In America, we don't get any respect. I don't have to mention how the media and mass communications portrays us. I am here to tell you that the world outside of the states loves us. You would not believe the love and the need for them to know us. We are like gods. There is so much talk about us. People really want to know "Who are the Blacks in America?"


Please travel! Your eyes will be opened. Just have an open mind and an open heart. There are lots of opportunities in other countries for us to succeed. America is open, too. Don't get me wrong. If you know how to by pass the checks and balances, to include the pressures from sources other than the government, you will do fine.


If you don't know the market for success is outside of the states, also. Please travel and see what is outside. It is not expensive. The people are very friendly, of course not 100% of them. Do you know why Asians come to America and get rich? They sell their merchandise to us and incredible profits. We can do the same.


Here in Japan, we, our fashion, talk, lifestyles, thug style (it is true), low riders straight from the hood, gospe and more are sold over here for incredible profits.This is what the foreign market is all about. Buying goods that are not ready available at home. I know this page is suppose to be about me, but it is no fun, unless all of you can a least have the opportunity to get some.


For those that have degrees, especially B.A.'s, get out. You can get visas to live and work in other countries. Trust me, there is lots of money to be made. If you are not interested that is cool, but there is off-shore investing, which is not granted to residents of the states. If you live legally in another country and get a visa card, you can participate.


The off-shore markets are booming. Just imagine, you can have the whole cake plus the manufacturing companies. "The Intelligent Investor," by Benjamin Graham is a must read guide to investing. It is funny, too. I only read half way though it, but I leaned a lot. If you are unfamiliar with stock terms, I would suggest that you read a finance book, those thick ones. You only need to read half way through it to become familiar with the terns that will be in "The Intelligent Investor." Read that book! The next frontier is wealthy. Trust me, it is not too late and it is easy.


I know some of you may be wondering, if I am doing it and how much success am I having. That is perfectly natural. Think about this - just because I did not do it, does not mean you cannot do it.


In the Bible it says, "It is easier for a camel l to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven." I always thought it meant that rich people don't go to heaven. Yes! I am ignorant! How many of us thought that to be the case? The answer is in the first part of the statement. Why is it easier for a camel of how is it possible for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle? For the simple fact that a camel listens to his master. In this case, I will say God. God tells a camel to go here and there.


The camel has enough fear (respect) for God, that the camel obeys without question. Of course, God would no require something of anyone or thing that is not possible. The second part of the verse concerning the rich man has to do with a whole act. The rich man does the things that God tells him. "Study a trade or profession diligently. Start selling these items. As you expand hire people to assist you and pay them. Diverse into another project. This project will be hard, but have faith in me. If you do as I say, you will arrive at this point." Along the way the man, naturally doubts God. Divert from God's instructions. Abuses the fame. Mismanage the finances. Then when he dies and stand before God. (Now remember, the verse never said, "The rich man did not enter in heaven."


It said that,"That a camel had an easier time passing through that eye, than the rich man passing through those pearly gates." All of his works are tried be fire. Only the metals remain. How much is not the point. The focus is on how much he started with and how much he ended up with. If it is so hard for a rich man to go to heaven, how much more difficult for a poor man, who, did not diligently study, formal or informal, get into heaven?


I will end on this note. Where in the Bible is it written that God or Jesus loves us. I have never read that. My mom and the preacher said it, but I never read that God or Jesus said that. My point is this, do not misunderstand who God is and what his plan is. For those that believe, do not take God for granted. He is not playing with you. It is written, "Don't think that God loves you so much. He will kill you and raise these stones up to be his children."


I am not sure the exact wording, but God is not joke and he is not playing. For those that are out there believing and joking around, do not get caught up. Believe it or not every African-American is not going to heaven, for those that believe. God do not want any bums up in heaven. I may be wrong though.


Travel the world and get paid! I hope that I have not offended anyone. This is not my intention.


I am just saying that remaining in the states and not traveling is like someone turning of the light in a room and telling you that there is not switch nor a door to exit. Only a fool would not at least feel around the walls for a switch and the wise man would walk in the direction of the sound of the door closing and exit, too. All I am saying is we are not honored in our own country. We are praised in other countries. If you do not believe me or better yet, travel and prove me a liar. That is it.


About me? I am me. Thinking about me. Trying to improve me. Discipling me. Studying me. Steadily on me. Learning how to love me.


All for what? How else can I truly love you, if I don't love myself?


"Love thy neighbor as thy love thy self" Layman's term - Don't hate, participate!


No joke participate in the new era of "Wealth"


There are no excuses, this time around.

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