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Thanks for visiting. I am NOT here to date. Please feel free to check me out at www.EddieFrancis.com. :-)

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So a Homosexual Hit You Up. Chill.


We see the status updates constantlyDo not HMU if you are gay!No disrespect but I am straight! No more messages from gay people!I'm not going to tell you who is right or who is wrong. But straight folks, let's just chill. All of the status updates in the world won't stop LGBT people who are interested in you from hitting you up because some figure they may as well take a shot to get the attention of those they admire. I mean, fellas, we can't be upset about that. How many male BP members are... (continue reading)

Young Black Males Not Held Captive by Bow Ties


Respectfully, either Jenee DesmondHarris has never been around young black men from the 'hood, she doesn't have a son, has never mentored atrisk black boys or she desperately needed something to criticize for her Race Manners column on TheRoot.com. Answering a letter from a selfdescribed Hispanicwhite grad school teaching assistant who questioned his principal's enforcing a message of appropriate career attire for a school club comprised of black males, DesmondHarris expresses bewilderment... (continue reading)

My MLK Day Wish to YOu


Thankfully, a great many of us in America understand the importance of celebrating the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Even though there is still resistance among some, the majority of us honor the legacy of King with words supporting tolerance toward men and women, regardless of their transgressions. There is a need, however, for us to remind ourselves of the part we play in carrying the legacy of a man who sacrificed his life for others in the name of civil rights. We can do... (continue reading)

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