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    June 23, 2004

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    Cleveland, OH

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    Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, White

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Tour schedule: Date Venue 4.03.08 Maputo Jazz Fest Maputo, Mozambique(Southwest Africa) 4.04.08 Maputo Jazz Fest Maputo, Mozambique(Southwest Africa) 4.05.08 Maputo Jazz Fest Maputo, Mozambique(Southwest Africa) 4.06.08 Maputo Jazz Fest (Returning Home) 4.07.08 Back home from Africa 4.08.08 On my way to D.C. to do some recording! 4.09.08 Blues Alley Jazz Club (202) 337-4141 Georgetown,Washington D.C. 4.10.08 Blues Alley Jazz Club (202) 337-4141 Georgetown,Washington D.C. 4.11.08 Blues Alley Jazz Club (202) 337-4141 Georgetown,Washington D.C. 4.12.08 Blues Alley Jazz Club (202) 337-4141 Georgetown,Washington D.C. 4.13.08 Blues Alley Jazz Club (202) 337-4141 Georgetown,Washington D.C. 4.18.08 Martha’s Restaurant (216)231-6281 Cleveland, Ohio 4.19.08 Houston Arena Houston, Texas 4.22.08 Karamu Theatre with My Dad (216)795-7070 Cleveland, Ohio 4.25.08 Martha’s Restaurant (216)231-6281 Cleveland, Ohio 4.26.08 Las Vegas Jazz Fest (800) 969- VEGAS Highpointe, Nevada 5.02.08 Martha’s Restaurant (216)231-6281 Cleveland, Ohio 5.03.08 Sonoco Performance Theatre Harrisburg, PA. 5.10.08 Memphis, Tennessee(Venue to be announced) Memphis, TN. 5.16.08 Martha’s Restaurant (216)231-6281 Cleveland, Ohio 5.23.08 Martha’s Restaurant (216)231-6281 Cleveland, Ohio 5.30.08 Martha’s Restaurant (216)231-6281 Cleveland, Ohio 6.14.08 Springfield, Massuchusetts(Venue to be announced) Springfield,MA. 6.21.08 Ogantz Street Festival (215)549-9462 Philadelphia, PA. 6.28.08 Augusta, Georgia(Venue to be announced) Augusta, Georgia 7.02.08 Denver, Colorado(Venue to be announced) Denver, Colorado 7.09.08 Boat Ride(New York) New York, New York 8.02.08 Lexington, Kentucky(Venue to be announced) Lexington, Kentucky 8.06.08 Chene Park Detroit (313)393-0292 Detroit, Michigan 8.23.08 Vale, Colorado(Venue to be announced) Vale, Colorado 9.26.08 Sacramento, California(Venue to be announced) Sacramento, CA. 12.03.08 Blues Alley (202)337-4141 Georgetown,Washington D.C. 12.04.08 Blues Alley (202)337-4141 Georgetown,Washington D.C. 12.05.08 Blues Alley (202)337-4141 Georgetown,Washington D.C. 12.06.08 Blues Alley (202)337-4141 Georgetown,Washington D.C. 12.07.08 Blues Alley (202)337-4141 Georgetown,Washington D.C. 01 02 09 Bali, Indonesia(Vacation) (Please read this before you ask me any questions, it pretty much covers everything?!!!)God 1st, I will give you thanks and praise for giving me the love of a Dad/Father and Mom/Mother for all my life, four great brothers, a ton of wonderful& intelligent nephews,nieces& Cousins and a gift which shows how great it is to be in your good graces! Now, for all the real women who know and love the lord, praise be unto you and all of your loved ones!!! To you others, who do not understand his(God`s)plan when he made adam and eve, I will say a very long and hard prayer for you, so that he may enlighten you, no fruits can be made from your labor!!! How easily we forget Sodom and Gomorrah! Remember!!! Now, that that is said and done. A little bit about me I am 5`7 220lbs to 225lbs(Solid), hazel eyes, I love martial arts,motorcycles(Cruisers),to cook(because I love to eat-lol),love to travel,have been to almost every continent on this planet,love basketball(even though I suck at it),love football(I don`t suck at it),like to play baseball(I don`t suck at it),I like golf(could be better at it),skiing(water/snow),Scuba diving,Sky diving and Tennis(getting better at it),love movies and surround sound(theatre or home),love to work out,into the herbal thing(vitamins and etc...),I love chicken,and if it did not sound so disgusting I probably would want chicken soda(lol), I have only one child and he has 4 legs(lol)! Oh, and the person on pic #8 is my little cuz, he is single too, for the young ladies 14-18yrs of age, hit him up at "For_da_gals@BP." I am in Cleveland. I am a professional recording and touring artist(Saxophonist,Vocals and Percussion),don`t want to pat my own back, but I am damn good at what I do and have Seven CD`s under my belt and I am currently working on my own!!! I do believe that chivalry has not died(roses,cards,poetry and etc...), I have no children and will not have any until I am married! Disease, drug& drama free!!! And if you are involved(and for those ofyou who do not know,dating and involved are not the same,if you live with your man, you are involved!),you are not drama free, so please, don`t hit me up?!!! So if you are interested, let me know? My email Peace and love!!! Please Pray for the people in New Orleans,Mississippi and Texas, my heart& prayers go out to you all! Don`t forget to hit my guest book up! will be up and running soon & so will Whirlwind Records, my own Record Label& high end studio, so if you have talent, get at me! ___Some poetry___ Don`t you know you were made for me! Ever beautiful Angel, don`t you know you set me free! My heart has longed for you, even though we have not met before. I know it is you I have been dreaming of, I know it is you my heart has been longing for!!! Cause there can be no other reason why I feel, what I feel for you. Every chance that I get from this point on in my life, will be dedicated to getting to getting to know you! After all, you truly are a blessing God has put upon this earth, for all to see. Truthfully, I could not have prayed for a better blessing to be bestowed upon me! Are you real? I ask myself this, day in and day out, sometimes I do not know what to do. But I do know one day I am going to be in love with you!!! Original
1st and foremost, give God all the glory, fore he is more than worthy of all the glory& praise!

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