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I enjoy writing in my free time, it is my passion. When I want to relax I write detailed spine tingling erotic stories. I enjoy crafting a story to light the imagination ablaze and seduce the body with pleasure that ripples through the body. Stories that the female reader can relate to and turn themselves into for an evening. Characters aimed at pleasing first, and in more creative ways then the reader can imagine. Send me a request and I just might send you your own story.


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Glimmer of the candle light


Glimmer of the candle lightglowed like caramel on skin so silkyHands caressing and lips touching on shoulderswith your moans floating to my ear like butterfliesTingling and burning free your mindFloating and hoping, wondering and willingI tease and you desire, I provide and you desireBuilding and bubbling it begins deep insideThe electric delight spreading out as my silkly lips grow nearThe red dress parts and kiss rain down uponbreasts so perfect, ready, and waitingLips circling around and... (continue reading)

Body on fire


Floating warm winds touchTingling and burning as you sleepWarmth growing spreadingPleasure boils upAs you awake from slumberLong laps soft coolSpreading pleasureMoans escape uncaringPleasure pours through veinsSpreading and growingWaves higher and higher growTongue laps fingers exploreToes curl and mind releasesBody on fire with delightAs the laps continueSavoring every drop

Electric erotic


Electric erotic, touches that reach into your bones and touch your mind Touching slow with eyes closed to remember every curve Soft hot lips circle and kiss, pucker and blow cool air Your nipples hard straining for the lips, needing the touch Soft wet licks around and around, aching want grows from deep Hands wander, searching out release Fingers wet discovering and pleasing Lips and tongue increase the electric thirst deep down Growing with lustful breaths, your body humming Your fingers touch... (continue reading)

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