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    Master's Degree

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    Administrative and Support Services

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    Philadelphia, PA

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    Black/African American, Native American

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    Jamaican, Trinidadian

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:And GOD said "For my very best creation I'll call it: BLACK WOMAN!!! The angel replied, " Saving the best for last, huh. What is so special about her and why is Man sleep?" GOD said "She requires much time and attention, every detail is equally important. I can't have any interference with the creativity. Before you ask why I took one bone from him, let me tell you. I chose the rib because the rib protects his heart and lungs as she is meant to do. See angel, the man's heart is the center of his being and his lungs hold the breath of life. The rib cage will allow itself to be broken before it will allow damage to the heart. It is strong yet fragile and delicate, like her. She is to support man just like the rib cage supports the body. I did not make her from his feet to be under or trampled on by him, nor from his head to be above him. But from his side to stand beside him and be close to him. Man is my image and Woman is my emotions, together they are the totality of GOD. When I wake man and present her to him, I'll tell him MAN, treat woman well. Love her, respect her, for she is fragile. In hurting her, you hurt Me. What you do to her, you do to Me. In crushing her, you only damage your own heart as well as mine and the heart of your Father, and the heart of her Father.









- While I do enjoy the beauty of a tall, handsome Black man and I've seen some on the planet, that is not why I'm here.BP is a break in between studies and an oppurtunity to network with new people. I have many goals in store for our people and families and I welcome ideas and assistance. We were once a force to be reckoned with and there is no reason why that should have changed.,. I'm pursuing a JD/MBA/MPPPA and if you don't know what any of those are, we shouldn't be talking. I work with arresteDjuveniles, in real estate and nonprofit management. My latest venture is teaching dance. I'm deadly in 8 styles that only the chosen can be informed of. I serveD in the Army. As you can see I'm about my business and I keep it moving. I do know how to have fun. .

:! .

SKIT: There was a white man,black man,a Latino and an Indian.They were sitting on a mountain top discussing which race suffered the most hardships. The Indian said my people have suffered the most, so I`m going to throw myself off this cliff in hopes that my blood will change things. He ran and yelled "This is for my people" as he threw himself off the cliff. The Latino did not want to be left out so he followed suit. He yelled "This is for my people" and threw himself off the cliff. This touched the Black Man and he decided it was time to do something for his people. So he yelled "This is for my people" and pushed the white man off the cliff.

, !If I saved you to my favorites, don't send me a note asking me why or about my life. It's not that serious, you probably had something interesting on your page that I like,i.e. a poem, title of a book. If I don't respond to you or your advances, that is my way of telling you as politely as I can, I'm not interested.


There are three sides to a story: your side, my side and the truth.
Speaking and spelling proper English doesn`t make you less Black.
If you do what you've always done, you will be where you always are.
Take inventory and get rid of the leeches in your life!!!!
You have to let go of good in order to get the best.
There is a high price for success: how much are you willing to pay?
Without struggle there's no progress.
The past is exactly that...the past. There's nothing you can do to change it.
Life is too short. Take too many pictures, live well, laugh often, forgive quickly, love like you've never been hurt and never regret anything that made you smile because at some point it was exactly what you wanted!
Emotional pain is one of the few emotions we endure on a continual basis but it still feels new every time.
Be yourself...imitation is suicide

Learn the proper way to approach and address a lady. Yo, What's good etc., doesn't work for everyone. If you're 25 and over and still speak to women this way, it is time to put away childish things. Do you really have to ask why you only attract hood rats or why you're by yourself!!!! Respect is paramount.

Why does America celebrate Christopher Columbus but doesn`t celebrate Adolf Hitler?!
Let`s talk about it.

Not all attention is good, needed or wanted. I get more than I care for in the street.

Much luv and peace to all my sisters and brothers traveling in the East and walking in the lightOES/MASONS-PHA all day.Mother and Father of all. First PHAmily! I CANNOTforget THE most HIGH andILLUSTRIOUSsorority to roam the Earth. TheDistinguished Devastating DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY INNNNNNCORPORATED OOOOOOOOOOO-OOOP!

If you`re into real estate or assisting our youth transition into men andwomen, drop me a note!



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