Hustling 101...Rules To The Game That Must Be Obeyed... (31)

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Male, 31, Philadelphia, PA

Posted March 21, 2011


Male, Age Private, Atlanta, GA

hatred and racism will ALWAYS exist...

i aint down with that "foot shuffling" mentality...just do as you told and things will get better...

niggas tried that...shyt is worse...

and i don't knock the hustla...

you REALLY about getting drugs out the community...go up against the big dogs bringing it in...

and if you don't give a phuck about nobody but yourself...why we even having this conversation...

I said along time ago that sittin here locking up the small fish is gonna get them nowhere... They gotta get then sharks in business suits if they wanna change anything.

I was 12.

I believe in hard work...All day... Been doing construction as well as the sh*tty labor jobs they offer when that got nothing else... But I'll be damned to work hard my whole life and have NOTHING to show but callouses.

I get tired of feeling like I'm doing the sh*t practically for free...

so I found other means... I don't advertise what I SOMETIMES do, but I won't knock it either.

If you smart about ya sh*t and take accountabilty for the inevitable... I say hustle young man, hustle.


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