Weight- Loss Myths! (1)

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Male, 29, Norfolk, VA

Posted January 31, 2012

Consider the ⿿eat only 300 hundred calories a day⿝ diet, ⿿high protein-high fat⿝ diet and the ⿿no carbohydrate⿝ diet. What do all of these titles have in common?

The word ⿿diet⿝ has become a double- edged sword for many people! Women are the most affected by the marketed misinformation. It is often because many women are seeking ways to get into better shape and lose the weight, but looking for ways to do it fast. Unfortunately, weight loss is not a quick fix nor should ever be done in a manner that is unsafe. A lot of these diets are fads and are here today and gone tomorrow. Many are not even based on scientific fact, but were created mainly for profit.

Some women believe that they should not lift heavy weights, lest they look like men. For one, it is impossible for a female to ever look like a man, unless she is on steroids. The truth of the matter is that a woman need not do a thousand repetitions to develop a feminine physique. Contrary, to popular belief, a woman should lift heavy to develop a lean physique, eat six or more times a day (small healthy meals) and live a healthy lifestyle. The media would have people believe that there are shortcuts to weight loss all at the expense of consumers who believe this lie. Another myth is that women should do tons of cardio and no weight lifting to lose weight, but cardio alone does not promote weight loss. Without weight lifting, it is nearly impossible to lose weight in a timely fashion.

Finally, experts agree that starvation diets do not work. The reason is that a person will lose both fat and muscle, thus contributing to greater weight gain since the body stores fat when it senses a famine. In order to stoke the metabolism, experts agree that frequent eating, lifting weights and cardio intervals promote greater fat loss than the popular steady state cardio only method.

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