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Greetings BP members. My name is Gordon and I've recently joined Interactive One (BP's parent company) as the Director of Social and Local Experiences. All of which is a long-winded way of saying I'm here as part of BP and welcome your messages, questions, and feedback.

While I can't go into much detail just yet, we do have big things on the horizon for BlackPlanet. Definitely stay tuned.

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Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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Male, 45, Cincinnati, OH

Posted July 08, 2014

My Friend winona told me about these tablets CNN that make your magic stick much bigger, I want to tell my friends I am living proof this stuff works, been on it for 31 so far, not only am I longer but much thicker too. Here is the link to the report about it


Male, 44, Wilmington, NC

Posted January 27, 2014

(Thank you Blackplanet for your years of support)

The Chinese Lehman Moment, on January 31, 2014?

This is a great time to be an investor, especially a forex currency trader. The collapse of a.Chinese bank from 1 TRILLION losses? My question is, how much of those losses were caused by US and Western hedge funds using.hedge fund bear.attacks to target the toxic targets, and were any of those toxic targets tied to.the US subprime collapsed the Black and Latino.middle class in.the US?

CNBC Squawk Box discussing today that on January 31, 2014, a TRILLION dollars of toxic money in China in a shadow bank could cause a bank run in China.

The question is, whether the Chinese government will fix this with a bailout or other measures, or simply allow the Chinese shadow bank to collapse.

By allowing a bank run to be created in China, or a Chinese Lehmam moment, it could cause the continuing sell off in global markets, especially Europe and Southeast Asia, hit hard the last two years because of the US Federal Reserve wavering on QE. THe US Fed, because of infighting, kept.releasing different.statements on QE program, which caused a severe duations in currencies in, especially India.

No explosion yelling by Jim.Cramer will solve the Chinese shadow banking.problem, Im.ready for.the Chinese markets to implode. China has a totalitarian government,.which imprisons.thousands of students and Chinese dissidents on a weekly basis. The idea that China ever had 11% growth is beyond.retarded. A bank run in China, or a TRILLION dollar loss, is something we have been looking forward to....


Male, 44, Wilmington, NC

Posted November 20, 2013

Currency War -

I originally named my theory, Tranche Theory, because of the constant need of "tranches:" to bail out global institutions with central banks. I have evolved this theory to even include wave calculations, and understanding the wave patterns of the US dollar, and how the US dollar affects global markets.

The US dollar is currently overheating, (dropping the EUR USD from 1.3540 t0 1.3440 in less than 3 hrs) even with Obamanomics pushing $85 Billion a month of QE and purchasing of toxic mortgages from banks that were pushed on Latinos and Blacks originally.

I posted earlier this week on Facebook that the EUR USD would return to 1.3525 level, then freefall, before the US Federal Reserve minutes came out. If the EUR USD goes under 1.3425/20, then the next target is 1.3375/80

I also posted my wave calculations on the NZD USD earlier this week, calculating that the NZD USD would return to 0.8405 level before free falling. Again, my calculations were correct, and I even posted yesterday that NZD USD would hit 0.8405 during the Nikkei session, yesterday.

I missed the entry of short selling the NZD USD the highs of last night, currently at 0.8320 level, waiting to go long if the FOMC says something to manipulate the US dollar, and cool it down.


Male, 44, Wilmington, NC

Posted September 08, 2013

Why the Inability Of the President to Lead will Cause the US Markets to Sell Off:

The inability for the US to concretely decide on Syria willc ontinue to cause volatility in the US markets. When you have Kerry come out for attacking Syria, and the President coming out against it, this is showing the world that the US President does not know how to lead. The global markets view that as weakness, and since the markets only look for certainty, look for continuing volatility as the President continues to fail to lead, pushing the US dollar even higher passed 83.00.
That wuiill push the USD MXN passed 14.00, the EUR USD under 1.30, and the NZD USD under 76.

And this is only uncertainty of Syria, debt cieling, Obamacare, and a Federal Reserve Chairman, with a weak US President, are other factors that will cause the US sell off.

Friday Wall Street Journal has a good article who is voting for and against Mr. Sumers as Federal Reserve Chairman... please review it.

ELizabeth Warren's (liberal and pro-bank regualtion) is against Summer, and I am sure Ms Warren is all for Yellen.
I agree that President Obama will continue to push a liberal policies, and push a woman into the Federal Reserve postion, not because Yellen is not qualified, but because she is a woman, and nothing else.
However, with Syria on the foreground of US politics, the President can use trickery and slickly push Yellen in, while the rest of the US politicians are focused on Syria, not the debt cielingm, immigration reform, or anything else. Yellen is a female version of Bernanke, which will keep people like Jim Cramer and Steve Liesman happy, allowing the US debt to continue to build up, without any concern of the cost to Americans under 40, and also, baby boomers.
Look for the feminists to start pumping the drums for Yellen, and Summers history come back to haunt him. The Wall Street Journal explains the history of Summers during the financial crisis between 2008 and the present, including being one of the architects of Dodd Frank, which will not be liked by Republicans and Wall Street.
Other female possibilities are explained in this article that came out today:
(I usually don't read the overtly liberal Washington Post, or the York TImes, because of their liberal slant ignores hard facts.) business/economy/sources-white -house-considers-top-female-tr easury-official-for-post-at-fe deral-reserve/2013/09/08/793b1 44e-1882-11e3-82ef-a059e54c49d 0_story.html


Male, 44, Wilmington, NC

Posted September 06, 2013

I Originally Posted this On BlackPlanet 9/6/2012

"Questioning Obama's Beginning with the Muslim World"

I constantly study different investment ideas on a global scale, especially in Africa. I am paid for my studies as I monitor global s, in order for my clients to benefit from the changing global events as they affect currencies, bonds, and indexes. The larger concern in Africa is the footprint China has in there, and the use of US debt to invest in soft power in Africa.

Sudan, Nigeria, Zambia, are only some examples. The West and European nations have for the last 500 years have created civil wars in Africa in order to maintain control of African resources, from diamonds to oil. With the Chinese now in Africa, investing in soft power, the Chinese are slowly gaining economic and political control of Africa.

It is for this reason, (Chinese soft power) I believe, the US and West assisted the Jasmine Revolution to overthrow the leaders of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. The footprint of China was becoming to large in Africa, and the weapons flowing from China and Russia to assist Syria's Assad, plus Palestine, was becoming a threat to Middle East stability. Also, it is my belief that by removing these leaders from Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, it eliminated any possibility that a repeat of the 1967 6 Day War would occur, and that any possible allies to Iran would be eliminated before Iran was attacked.

At the beginning of the Jasmine Revolution, I posted that whom ever controlled the Suez controlled the entire revolution itself. The Egyptian military remained in power, backed by the US, and the Suez also remained open to shipping. I have found in my studies that all the three nations that regime changed occurred during the Jasmine Revolution, Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, were all slapped with sanctions by the EU in 2009. What this implies is that the EU cut trade to these three countries, then the effects of qualitative easing by global central banks caused hyperinflation in food prices, especially wheat.

If you recall, the Jasmine Revolution began with a man burning himself alive to protest the hyperinflation of wheat prices and high unemployment.

My studies have also found that Libya had one of the largest gold reserves in the world. Once Libya's dictator was overthrown and killed, this large gold reserve went to Germany, not to the Libyans or Libyan people to rebuild Libya. Why? Germany, because of the Euro crisis, needs gold in order to guarantee the Euro bailout by the Chinese Central Banks. Without gold, the Germany have no guarantee that the Chinese Central Bank will ever be repaid, since the Euro zone PIIGS do not have to pay any money back that was lent to them, or agree with austerity measures.

All of these macro economic factors in mind - I am trying to piece together when exactly the Chinese Central Banks will push QE, in order to save the Euro. I have come across in my studies that the Chinese Central Bank will wait until after the Leader takes over the Chinese Communist Party, which starts in November, but Mr. Jinbao will not leave until March 2013. The longer the Chinese Central Bank hold off QE, the worse the Euro zone crisis will get.

I still have a question - since the Jasmine Revolution was successful in toppling over the leaders of Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, and now Syria is the target:

"In June 2009, speaking in Egypt, Obama seeks a " beginning" with the Muslim world" (Wall Street Journal, September 6, 2012 A6) - was the President giving fair warning to Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia, and now Sudan, that Middle East regime change was going to be the Obama policy? SB1000087239639044408290457760 9161447720808.html?mod=googlen ews_wsj


Male, 44, Wilmington, NC

Posted August 18, 2013

Conceptual Mathematics vs Mechanical Mathematics
(Calculating Wave Patterns without Equations)

Conceptual mathematics is the term I use for calculations that derive not from actual formulas and equations, (which I call mechanical mathematics), but from the use of patterns, forms, and shapes. I have been often told that my charts of various currencies and markets are simply statistics, calculus, and trigonometry, neither of which I have ever taken as a class.

My charts are based on patterns, not complex mathematical equations, because I severely lack the mathematical fundamentals since I had a detrimental experience in my second grade math instructor. I honestly have problems with advanced algebra, but can calculate with precision the movement of wave fluctuation of the US dollar, Nikkei, Yen, Euro, European bond markets, and other indexes. How do I do this, with no knowledge of basic mathematics? I use what I call conceptual mathematics.

What do I mean by conceptual mathematics? When you look at a chart, is it only one dimensional to you, as it appears on the screen? I do not see these charts as one dimensional, but actually four dimensional. What you see as a chart, I see as a wave with both height, depth, speed, distance, and a history of movement based on mathematical price values of the wave patterns, controlled by support and resistance lines. That means the wave patterns in the charts are highly predictable, especially the US dollar, since the US Federal Reserve manipulates the US dollar and US markets by constant QE, and currencies that are traded against the US dollar. What you see as a chart, I see a four dimensional wave with a predictable pattern.

This is why I often post by what time and rate a certain currency or index will rise or fall within a set time period. I have been studying these wave patterns for over three years, and their various relationships to each other, so do not think it is easy. Again, since I have visioned the various charts with four dimensions, not one, I am only recently understanding and using Fibonacci percentages, SMA, Bollinger, and other equations and investing tools, which is only making my calculations even more accurate.

So I challenge you to try to look at the charts as four dimensional, not one.
Go to any body of water and notice how the waves form, their rate, speed, the distance they move, the height and depth, and you will know how I see charts.
It takes practice and concentration, but if you are trading for a living, then this should not be a problem. Since I use the public and college library, I have to deal with a lot of interruptions and idiots, but still am able to focus on my trading, I know you can as well.


Male, 44, Wilmington, NC

Posted August 14, 2013

Dear Mr. President,

You have made it illegal and punishable for our troops to own a Bible, or to pray in the name of Jesus.

For this reason I will be teaching on Facebook how to short sell Boeing. Boeing helped finance your campaign, and has received lucrative contracts from the US government, including the 30,000 drones that will be patrolling US skies and tracking US citizens, to satellites monitoring Mexico, and the theatres of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Please note last week I calculated the Dow Jones Industries to sell off from the 15,610 level, and placed this color coded chart so that people would easily understand the sell off in US markets.


Male, 44, Wilmington, NC

Posted August 07, 2013

I am currently short selling the Zealand Kiwi vs the US Dollar (NZD USD) from 0.798720 level with a stop loss at 0.80168.

i am short selling the Zealand Kiwi before the economic data from China comes out this evening. If the data from China continues to confirm that China is slowing down, it will affect the Zealand markets and currency. Zealand is to dependent on China and the Chinese economy, so when China does poorly on it's economic data, it affects Zealand.

By trading forex (currencies) I am able to profit from the ongoing currency war(s) that I have been writing about in Blackplanet for 3 years now. I am short selling the Zealand Kiwi in order to profit from the collapse of not only Zealnd markets, but the Zealand currency, the Kiwi, itself.

Since Zealand has little resources and gold to back it's currency, Zealand is going to be a highly profitable country to short sell their currency.


Male, 44, Wilmington, NC

Posted August 04, 2013

I am going to start posting my currency trading positions and profits on starting tomorrow.

Unfortunately, since I can not place charts, you will have to visit my Facebook page at .kiehlmeier

I have been with almost a decade.

Thank you for all your support

David Kiehlmeier


Male, 31, Brooklyn, NY

Posted July 22, 2013

hey my old friend - been along time - decided to stop by n show respect as I always get intel on mordern issues that we r bout aware of - keep doin ur thing - Guru

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