glam-grl Who Shapes & Controls the Image of Black Men in Media? It?s important that we know these things so we can better prepare are children for the 24-7 war against them & us adults. The reason they stay ahead of us is because most of us refuse to pay attention to this type of essential information.: - 1 hour ago add/view comments (0)

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Hey BP! I decided it was time for an update. So for those of you who have visited before, my page looks very different. I needed to add some fresh pictures. Hope you like the change. Along with the fresh page and pics, I also decided that I would express what's going on with myself currently. I have gone through a few transitions during the last 2 years so it's now time for a new chapter in my life as well! I'm all about quality experiences. This has been a thing for me for quite a while now. I have been fortunate enough to learn at an early age that life is too short to waste time on things that are not important, as well as, foolishness and people who are not worthy of my time. I'm very straight forward. I try to stay positive as much as possible and surround myself with people who have positive energy. That is difficult sometimes but I try to stay open to new experiences because I know there are good people out there, they are just hard to come by. What type of experiences am I trying to engage in? I'm very interested in smiling and laughing more.( I smile quite a bit already by the way.) But I want to to hang out with people that make me smile and I'm able to make them smile. I really need to enjoy life more, like I used to. So my plan is to make more time for my friends and family and hopefully some new friends, if possible. Some other things you may be interested to know about me, I'm a great friend, I really value friendship and I understand the true meaning of the word. That's why my circle is small. What type of woman am I? I'm very feminine, sophisticated, my style is urban chic. I like to keep myself up and looking nice all the time, especially for my man. I like to hang out in sophisticated eclectic urban lounges, listen to really good music, have stimulating intellectual conversations, cocktails with my friends, dance, work out, run, experience new things, Travel and I'm into h

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OK BP, I had to school this one really well that dared to come leave his less than knowledgeable opinion about the black community in my in box without properly researching our history first Him I come from a culture that operates a bit differently i suppose. Cops HAVE mistreated Puerto Ricans, not only cops but the military and government as well. Government used women in the 1960's for medical experimentation and the military TRIED to take ver our island but failed. We as. Culture and ppl... (continue reading)

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Ebony brotha's and sistah's, I absolutely love yall! You are my favorite no matter how hard times get. When you are at your lowest and feel like no one really cares, if you turn around you will see me. Even when cousin Ray Ray gets on my last nerves sometimes, I will still embrace you. I will never sell out, never give up on you, forever remain in your corner because you are my peoples and I love you! My inspiration not enough public declarations of love within our community XOXO Feel free to... (continue reading)