gldneaple Visual communication is like Pictionary. SPHINX: man and beast so (world) with headdress (protection from sun) so it says "answer protects world from sun." THAT is the question. so the answer must solve by what you see )pyramids one reflective) AND protect world from sun! Answer is volcanic reflective aerosols see my pages - January 15, 2016 add/view comments (0)

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Hi, my name is Judi. Iam loading science here, science so amazing it changes the world...So easy even children understand it.THEY ALL SOLVE as........


What profession: You see a man in a volcano costume with a lava hat..a volcano man...think Pictionary: what is he?

VOLCANOLOGIST....They set volcanologist statues  in a ring in the Ring Of Fire.....its visual science...they FRIGGING  solve....see more pics below


They read as visual volcanology.... Same again at Giza....You see a SPHINX (man and beast ie the world) with a klaft headdress worn to protect from sun....The great pyramid was originally coated in reflective casing b4 people removed it. When you restore the casing you see a super volcanic looking reflective ideogram, in FACT everyone sees that same visual.. The smaller pyramids make the big a super... 1991 Pinatubo blew and caused entire world to cool by injecting reflective acid aerosols into stratosphere, which then spread out around Earth and reflected sun away 2 years b4 dissipating. A rare phenomenon that only happens with largest volcanoes. Scientists 1993 published using the descriptive of that phenomenon reflectivity caused by volcanoes that cools worlds, they called it VOLCANIC MIRROR...LOOK




The volcanic mirror over Earth. - Free Online Library › ... › Science News › March 13, 1993 Free Online Library: The volcanic mirror over Earth. (sulphuric acid droplets from Mount Pinatubo eruption reflect sunlight and cool climate..... ****************************** ****************************** ********************** NASA 1996 Atmospheric Aerosols: What Are They, and Why Are ... - NASA ews/factsheets/Aerosols.html NASA The dispersal of volcanic aerosols has a drastic effect on Earth's atmosphere. ... the clouds reflect and absorb sunlight, thereby affecting the Earth's energy budget. ... energy reaching the lower atmosphere and the Earth's surface, cooling them ****************************** ****************************** ***************************** 25 Facts About The Great Pyramid Of Giza | Deus Nexus m/20…/…/26/facts -pyramid-giza/ Feb 26, 2015 - The outer mantle was composed of 144,000 casing stones, all of them ... These casing stones reflected the sun's light and made the pyramid ****************************** ****************************** **************************** Global Effects of Mount Pinatubo - NASA Earth Observatory /view.php?id... NASA Earth Observatory Jun 15, 2001 - In the case of Mount Pinatubo, the result was a measurable cooling of ... in the average global temperature of about 1 degree F (0.6 degrees C).

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SO EASY a child could solve it, once you know the science, you solve it like giant real Pictionary


You see the science, you see the visual matches, that makes this page the biggest news on Earth... Its NASA science....a real phenomenon only discovered 1991, when Pinatubo blew....a stratospheric acid rain aerosol reflectivity that cools WORLDS....Kind of makes sense then that they sent it... links and more below... 1 picture and you SHOULD understand...they talk, you read them...The volcanic mirror over Earth. Free Online Library ... Science News March 13... (continue reading)

There are TWO main geoengineering...SRM + CDR


SRM is solar radiation management like solar dimming to cool which way is to mimic a super volcanic phenomenon that floods stratosphere with acid rain which is highly solar reflective reflects away sun so temps on earth drop......there are other ideas......CDR is co2 removal of the geoengineering CDR is to dust the oceans with iron dust which causes algal bloom which looks like bloody water is toxic to some marine liife clogs propellers....the phytoplankton red tide... (continue reading)

This makes there no way not to understand it....


NASA ARTICLE in pic....Visual communication uses a conversations description and translates it to visual, it should easily translate back purely....This one does...Its like playing pictionary only real...Read the brief NASA article in the picture then look at the says the same thing,,,one in writing,,,,the other ....A reflectivity made by biggest volcanoes that cools PLANETS...Pyramid of Egypt was originally encased in reflective mirror like casestones b4 they were stolen...Restore... (continue reading)