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Good day, Gentlemen of "the Planet". This is the part where I am supposed to talk about myself (of which I am NOT good at!) and convince you that I am absolutely PERFECT. Sadly...I am not. LOL But I am a kind, intelligent, compassionate, giving (but not naive!) person. I have a very diverse love of music (thanks Mom!), have a very quick wit (thanks Dad!) and love to learn (thanks Mom AND Dad!). I love genealogy, giving back to my community and cooking. Thanks to my close relationship with my brother, I have a love for superheroes (Green lantern, X-Men and Aquaman are my favorites!), am a true Whovian (If you don't know what that is, shame on you! LOL), love Bruce Lee movies ("It is like a finger pointing away from the sun. Don't concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all it's heavenly glory!"), know all of the five deadly venoms, and know a bit about football (#HTTR!).

I am always asked why I am single. I am not quite sure. I guess being a straight shooter about what I DON'T want has scared some men away (Even though men should actually run TO a woman who is being honest with them!) I am a bit old school (Please do not try to impress me with cars and jewelry. That could be here today...gone tomorrow!) Believe it or not, there are still women out there who believe in the attractiveness of chivalry, intelligence, and respect.

See? I may have already solved the mystery of why I am single! Who knew? LOL