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how do i keep a man i love but have never seen before


do men in you life keep............


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Your anwer miss rose

The main PROBLEM here, and the thing that stood in your way, is that men aren't easy to understand. And when you find a good man, he doesn't come with an "instruction manual".
Just because your girlfriends told you it wasn't your fault, or that he was just "a jerk", doesn't mean that they understood the problem (or that they understand men at all, for that matter).

Most women don't "get" men. Your friends who try to comfort and encourage you have good intentions. They're just trying to make you feel better.

But they're also accidentally making the situation WORSE.

They're trying to blame the situation on HIM, instead of trying to help YOU understand how to KEEP a great guy around.

This situation is MOST dangerous when you meet a really GREAT GUY, but you don't know how to catch him or keep him. Let's face it, great guys are hard to find... and when you do find one, you can't afford to lose him because you made a dumb mistake.

You can't afford to throw away a good six months, a year... or even LONGER... and risk losing what could be a valuable relationship... just because you didn't know how to handle a particular situation.

Well, there is some good news here... I personally believe that there IS something you can do about it.

You CAN learn how to understand men and get them to be open up and understand you. You can learn how to CATCH that great guy, and how to KEEP him.

And how do I know this?

Because I AM a guy. And I've been in all the situations I just mentioned to you... from the OTHER side.

I've seen it from a man's perspective. I've been in those difficult "places" in dating, relationships, and love.

After years and years of experiencing these types of situations and hearing about them from my female friends, I decided to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT...

I spent well over a year carefully documenting and writing about my experiences. I spent much of that time researching, interviewing women, and working out all the ways a woman can get what she wants out of a relationship without scaring off the man she loves... and without letting any of those confusing "guy issues" get in the way.



: My last three boyfriends have broken up with me and never looked back. I thought my last boyfriend was my true soul mate, but he dumped me too. I am afraid of loving a man again, but I can't stand to live a life without romance. Why do men keep leaving me? How can I make a man stay? please send in you answers.