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hurray ! ! ! to us arrived Guests from the Future ? Eyck and Yu ! ! ! Year 3789 The ideological program of movement of the LIGHT FORCES: The mission of our movement ? WELCOME ! The aim of our movement ? THE GOOD ! We are ready to cooperate with all parties and movements acting for all good. For good to triumph, all must unite, as the association is the main enemy of evil, living on the principle of "divide and conquer." We advocate the development of science and medicine, as we believe that good should be strong and armed by the latest scientific achievements. We stand for progress, for the happiness of all people, for eternal youth. TEAM OF THE LIGHT Years 3789 ? 2010 Compare Government 2010 - Private Year 3789 - People System of mutual interchanges 2010 - Money 3789 year - Conscience States and borders 2010 - there are 3789 year - no The welfare of people 2010 - Low 3789 year - high Ecology 2010 - Dirty 3789 year - purity Education 2010 - general 3789 year - individual Climate 2010 - unregulated 3789 year - adjustable The main source of energy 2010 - Natural Resources 3789 year - The Sun Killing animals for food production 2010 - There is Year 3789 - None The presence of people with a disability 2010 - There is Year 3789 - No Life 2010 - 30-122 years 3789 year - 700-1850 years (live until now) Equal rights for children and adults 2010 - No 3789 year - there are Space exploration 2010 - Slow Year 3789 - Fast The presence of evil 2010 - There Year 3789 - None The main colors of clothing and footwear 2010 - Black, gray, brown Year 3789 - Green, Blue, White The responsibility of people 2010 - Low Year 3789 - High Mood 2010 - Sad Year 3789 - cheerful After the peaceful transition back to the old will be impossible. Therefore, we advocate for peace and unification. We do not need weapons. The main thing is agitation and to share, it may also be maintained through advertising. We have an unexpected with us for you converting dance that will be triggered immediately after reaching the eight eights, that is, after our arrival will be discovered by 88,888,888 people on the Earth. It does not matter, how five would think about us, more important is to discover our mission !!! ! Evil ? is not the types of energy (after all, in fact, the energy is Love) It is our bad - selfish attitude to this energy (to Love !) This our attitude, unfortunately, has interrupted our communication with the spiritual aspects of this energy ... As a result, the material components of this energy are not consistent. Harmony is destroyed ... In order to help ourselves and to each other to overcome our common problem we always want to learn how to implement the conversion (transformation) in the opposite direction ! Change our attitude to everything from egoistic to ALTRUISTIC ! To develop our INTERACTION WITH THE SPIRITUAL ASPECTS OF LOVE ! To restore HARMONY OF MATERIAL ASPECTS of our favorite energy ! When we can do it all, we WILL SOLVE our problems ! And then new era of Light will begin for which we dreamed always ! What is selfishness ?! It is the contraction of the distributed energy to the point. It is the compaction of energy ... gravity . An example of this is the black hole ! it happens as a result that we have begun to oppose the point and infinity (or ours and not - ours !). We can say our Bipolar thinking ... but, in fact ? ALL STARS SHINE FOR US ! ! ! ! why they oppose ?! Because of this, after all the war has begun . So let for each of us our most beautiful star will light and then all stars will celebrate our magnificent return to home !

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our magnificent return to home !


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