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There are a lot of miss conceptions, miss information, miss communication, miss understanding and all the other misses about Africa and her people. The more you read about it, the more confused you become and above all the more separation it result between people of African decent, the diaspora, and the people still living in the continent. There are no good news to journalism and TV about Africa except more of the bad news because bad news make good TV and journalism looks great, But one thing will make a difference - visit the continent yourself and know the truth. I have led a group of African Americans, Whites and Hispanics to the continent every year and this is my experience over the years. First all the people on the trip scared, miss informed, or unattached no any way to the continent. Secondly the are afraid to make any contact because of what they have read or heard about Africa. But this is also true, After the vacation is over, they do not want to live, they become attached to the people and the place, there is a feeling of wanting to come back since their vacation was too short and suddenly they realize the truth themselves. I have seen people Adopt African names and this includes not only African Americans but Whites and Hispanics as well. I form this group for one reason. To help remove the cobweb in your eyes, minds, spirits and bodies and to see how i can be of help to you when you decide to visit the continent. It is also my desire to organize more and more people to go to Africa to visit because there more you go, the better we help remove all the misses from the continent. By the way, the continent is not Dark as they want you to believe. Its all part of the trickery designed to keep people away from the truth and to steal her resources. So who do i recommend to join this group. Everybody to put it simply. i want those who have been to Africa before to join the conversation. I want those who want to visit Africa at least once in their life's time to join, and i also want those who have no desire to be in Africa also to join as well so we can have a balanced conversation. Have you watched the documentary THE BOYS OF BARAKA? The Boys of Baraka is a 2005 documentary film produced and directed by filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady. Twenty at-risk boys from Baltimore attend the seventh and eighth grades at a boarding school in Kenya. Kenya is in the East of Africa and a small representation of Africa. What i want you to see are the changes in the boys from what they have been thought from the classroom, the main-street and compared it to what they themselves learnt at the end of their interrupted trip. I want you to view Africa from the minds and eyes of these twenty 12 year old American boys. You can rent this video from any serious video rental place that carry documentaries and educational materials. If not just google it and find one on the internet for your viewing pleasure. JOIN this group and tell us what made you join? we will like to hear from you.

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