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Have you heard of TELOMERES? ...Most people have NOT. But, you need to know about this Nobel Prize-winning science that stops the aging process, extends life and quality of LIFE, HEALTH, & WELLNESS. We are on the cutting edge of science! Telomeres cap the strands of our DNA and keep them from unraveling. We use the model of a shoelace. Telomeres are like the cap on a shoelace. When we are young the telomeres are long and healthy. As we age the telomeres unravel and we get cellular de-generation. This de-gneration is the cause of massive chaos in our bodies: diseases, chronic conditions, pain, dementia, wrinkles, hair loss, etc., etc.. That's why we feel different, look different, and we are susceptible to all kinds of aging conditions when telomeres shorten. When telomeres shorten bad things happen. Dr. Bill Andrews was awarded "Scientist of the Year" in 2009 for his discovery of the human telomerase gene. This ground-breaking scientific research has discovered how to lengthen telomeres. This is FACT, not theory. And, Dr. Andrews has entrusted his discovery, his formula, and his continued research to our company's signature product called Product B. Our company has formulated a phenomenal product. Dr. Bill Andrews is on our Board of Directors and he continues to expand his research into TELOMERES and other life expansion processes through his own biotechnology lab called Sierra Sciences. You have an opportunity to be at the cutting edge of science, health, wellness, and wellth! This is like being one of Mark Zuckerberg's famous 4. More importantly, my team is a part of one of the fastest growing teams in the country. We have "direct", hands-on support by one of the company's top leaders. Our group is making money by helping people heal! It is amazing! We make no false claims. The people who are making money in our company and on our team are the people who are WORKING our system and using their upline for support. The good news is that the upline support is there, on the ready, and genuinely interested in your success. If you work (even, part-part time) you will build a strong business with residual income. Our company has created over 100 millionaires in just eleven years. That is not only rare but it speaks to the fact that our company CARES about HEALTH; about its people, about the quality of our products, and issues generous payouts and rewards! I am on one of the fastest growing teams in our company. My team is growing rapidly and because we a binary I can help you grow faster. I don't usually do mlm's. I am in this one because I knew about the science of telomeres before I found out about this company. I'm a science buff. I knew this was "ground-breaking" science and I knew I wanted to be in as the word spread and the results became more widespread. But, it was the support that really brought me in. This is also very rare. I have never known an mlm to have the kind of upline support that our team has access to. We are truly blessed. If you are sincerely interested in helping people have a better quality of HEALTH & WELLNESS, living longer and with a better quality of life and would like to gain "wellth" as you help others... then do this... Step 1 - LISTEN: 1.866.920.3359 (toll free, 24/7) Step 2 - WATCH: 5 Videos (www.drscience.Info) Step 3 - LEARN: "FREE" Way ( Then, call me: Dyanne at 1.877.701.1877 and let's just talk, first. I don't "recruit" people. I add people to my team who want to be there. I like to work with those who commit to following the SYSTEM that we already have in place. It works when you work it and we are there to help you learn how. In most mlm's people seldom make any money at all. Most of our team makes money in the first month, even the first week.

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