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This is a group for practicing Buddhists to hook up and hang out and live the practice. Buddhists are education in the ancient disciplines of martial arts, healing, meditation and being one with the universe. At one time China was part of Africa and the great Oracles like the I Ching were available to both cultures. Buddism uses Oracles, symbols, rituals and meditation to communicate directly with God. Solutions to problems are always peaceful and intellectual. Often spirits from the other side, guardian angels and spirit guides will interviene through the portals of the dimensions to communicate and guide. Buddhists chant, do yoga, swim, boat, play soccer, do still and video photography but they are often doing well, have money and at the top of their profession. Buddhist are all over the world and they are the 4th largest religion currently practicing on the earth. So let's get together and talk, hang out, go to lectures, discuss philosophy, share the best healers and stores to purchase our altar and ritual materials. Let's share picutres of trips to China, Japan and Africa. Let's share news about Buddhism and great websites and great gurus and great lectures. Let's just share, share, share and hang out after work to strengthen ourselves in the spiritual ways. It's the best living. Let's indulge and envelope ourselves in a peaceful life existence. Le's have tons of friends to protect our tao and continue our way of life. Let's just be. Enjoy. Pass it on to our kids. Peace and Blessing, Zena Lillie Pearl

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A new month with new insight to contemplate. This month I focused on tranquility meditation. It took seventeen, 30min. sittings, for me to quiet my mind. Focused on my breath and experiencing the manifestation of qi was an interesting experience that I had to let go, because that to is a trap. The last 30 days I hit the weights pretty hard and the post meditation power up during my Wushu training gave me insight into the lives of my martial brothers from Song Mountain. It is summer time for growth mentally, physically, and spiritually. QUESTION, What is your mind saying to you? What are your arising thoughts? Write them down, find out, BrothaWU.



I have been quite the busy person this summer and it feels good. Tranquility meditation and Qigong practice has continued to enhance my overall energy throughout my travels and physically Nanquan training (Chinese-Mandarin for Southern China Fist) has been great for releasing any lingering stress and/or tension. By accepting things some call distractions and letting them pass like the wind I am able to take one step forward toward wisdom.



Is everyone meditating? Well when your finished experiencing the ever present moment in that way. Please fill me in on what your experiencing and what flavor of inward experience you having? BrothaWU . WU -for me has a dual meaning. At the moment it is Chinese a term that is martial in nature and deeply rooted in my past as a monk versed in WUshu...more later..zaijian.