Working 2gether 2 break the cycle. BLK is EVRYTHNG

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I love all ppl and I hear all crys but what I've learned most is that we are conditioned to fail, we hate each other because we don't know our history. We envy each other because we are to lazy to work as hard as those we envy because we don't know how are to afraid to admit we don't know. We want to love each other, we want to get along. We talk about everything that's wrong but we don't do anything about it. We meet on problems but never meet on solutions. This page is for solutions only, For those trying to find there way back to black and just may need help getting there. We can't do nothing alone. More important then any 1 mans life is order. This is a step toward order. Lets talk about us, what we want, what we need and how we can get it. Lets sharpen are communication. Is Religion population control or is it deeper then that? Is there a secret and how do we obtain it? Do we really like white women or our we taking the easy way out? Why don't we invest in Black? What are we afraid of? Why won't we allow each other to change? One thing I ask is that everyone who joins this group read the Willie Lynch letter. (I've posted the entire letter in 6 parts) or copy and past this url below I was aware of this letter for many years but it wasn't until I wanted to research a project that I realized that I had never actually read the letter. I was just going by what everyone said about it like most of us do but upon reading this letter word for word, it all became so clear to me just how conditioned we are to fail. None of us can do anything alone. We are loving by nature which is why there is no reason for any of us to not get alone. We are not competition, there is an abundance of all things. We are not enemies because we are all connected. LETS BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN LIFE! RIP MAHATMA GANDI (AND ALL THE LEADER WHO LAID DOWN THEIR LIVES FOR US TO BE TO AFRAID TO EVER FIGHT AGAIN).

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The Willie Lynch Letter


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I want to start this group off slow and let it build up while I create a curriculum so if there are any teachers in the building help a brother out. I wish for this group is to provide the necessary tools for all of us to better ourselves and not just talk about problems but create solutions and act on them to bring us closer together. To understand each other, share the Secrets and finally learn how to communicate with one another effectively.

I believe the Willie Lynch letter is a great start to understanding the when, where, why, and how. From there I can speak on my personal experience with the Laws of Attraction (The Secret). The understanding of life itself "The Four Agreements" and The richness of our history. When you finish first they hate you worse and it's all for a reason. We are the true Kings and Queens.

Feel free to join and drop a line or two. I will create a more structured form and go all in the beginning of the Year Jan. 6th 2014

Lets take these few weeks and spread the word. Happy Holidays!

Maurice Taylor aka Activist