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Domestic Violence does not discriminate against age, race, color, creed, gender or sexual orientation. There are many types of abuse a spouse can inflict upon another spouse. Physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse and financial abuse are some common ones. I'M A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, AND YES...I AM A MAN. Verbally, I was abused in my past relationship and decided to write about my experience: 'If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now' is the title of my self-published book. I encourage each and everyone of you to pick up a copy for your own self worth. "DO YOU KNOW THE PERSON SLEEPING IN YOUR BED?" is where you can purchase your copy. IF YOU NEED ASSISTANT, FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO GET HELP, PLEASE CONTACT: THE NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE NUMBER AT 1-800-799- SAFE (7233). THE NATIONAL SEXUAL ASSAULT HOTLINE NUMBER AT 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

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Do You Know Who's Sleeping In You Bed Every Night?


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Relationships can be the bomb when everybody participates. Honestly, it?s a beautiful thing when you know that you have that special person in your life; you know, that person who supports you beyond reasonable doubt; That man or woman, who doesn?t check on your every move, and doesn?t ask questions about your where about. I?m talking about someone who loves you for you, and not for what you?ve accomplished in life. Wow! That has to, really, feel good to know you have someone like that in your corner, or not!

So, with that said? the question I?m presenting to you is this-- Do you know? Do you really know the person sleeping in your bed every night, and who wakes up with you every morning? Think about what I?m saying because it?s one of the most important questions you?ll ever have to face, during your lifetime, if you haven?t faced it already.

The reason I asked this question, is the reason why I wrote this book. If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now is a brief chapter in my life that has taken me by storm. It?s based on a relationship of mistrust, cheating, and shacking. That?s right, shacking; the one sin we overlook. It?s the one thing that can cause you to lose everything you?ve worked for, especially, your pride. There?s no paper work to sign, no lawyers, or judges to decide who gets what, and most of all; there?s no support from the person you chose to share everything with; it?s like sharing an apartment or home with a roommate---without signing a lease agreement, you get screwed!

Not only have I had to adjust my life style--all the people that I love and care about, and those who chose to deal with me, they had to take different measurements and adjust their lives as well. It?s amazing how you can be on top of the world one day, and underneath it the next. To sum it all up, I chose to love someone more than I loved myself, and in the end, I got burned. I lost my self-respect---and damn near--- 20 years of my life.