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Women have resources within their own realm and need to tap and develop them. Innovative minds are able to empower themselves and enhance economical growth just creating their own businesses. Many Home based hobbies produce extra income that becomes essential to their lives. Starting your own home-based business can also eliminate the need of dependency on social programs. We must understand that "government" is not responsible for our well-being-- We as minority people must learn to sustain ourselves and take the talents that we have been gifted with to create what we want, so that we are able to enjoy the fruit of our labor. Networking with others is a way to tap into community resources that are available to you to do that. Knowlege is power and it opens doors to access that you must seek with a defiant behavior. When this type of pursuit is being demonstrated, you will be able to get the resources that you need to move forward and take the necessary steps to get your business or innovative idea put in reality and profitable. This will not be easy but, it can be done and with some determination and stead-fast patience, your life can be changed with just a few techniques, skills and knowlege of "how to". Get yourself connected with people of the same interests that you have, and start seeking that knowlege you need to develop your own innovative buisness. Once you start this journey, many obstacles will be put into place but, you must understand: "Anything worth having, is worth the effort put into it". We put effort in the things that we want but little into the need. This is the 20/80 theory. Controlling your destiny and developing your talents can transform your financial portfolio. Seek out individuals that are doing the things that you want to do and network -- network-- network! Develop relationships with key individuals that can give you some advice, assistance and is willing to "honestly help" without strings attached. Unemployment is high, individuals live in poverty, and the blame is put on economics. It is partially true--however, tapping into the talents that can improve your own financial circumstances can make all the difference in a community. There is alot of untapped talent in communities and seeking out this talent can simpy be done by forming a "community block group" . Be the creeativ person to take the initiative and start "something". There is assistance out there for you but, you must "take the seat of the driver" and . . . "Drive! If you want to effect change, you must be willing to be part of the change and start the effect. Every little effort you make, is a big step to the end result. Be creative and create the life you want and the job you want. Seek the knowlege of "how to". There is a parable of " If you knew better, you'd do better"----now, you know. What are you going to do?

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