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This Christian-based group is intended for all those who believe in living a better life spiritually, mentally, physically and in truth. We are here to educate ourselves through the foundations and principles of the bible and exercise them as a source of our living spiritually greater as God's people.


Living In Spirit & Truth


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We'll be bringing back to you themed topics to ignite your soul. Going forward, every month, a new theme will come alive all to solidify what we know and what we don't know about the bible. Feel free to participate....bring what you know, to the table. Even if you don't know, we can work together to get to the "Truth!" - To Live in Spirit and In Truth!!!! Let's make this an exciting 2014!!

As always, feel free to discuss any topics from the bible scriptures/verses to even to how we all can live more an uplifting life, understanding how to better handle relationships between our children, peers, and elders as well as preparing ourselves in these tragic times. you want to see a theme for an upcoming month....send me a note!



Welcome ALL - - - - Thank you for stopping through, joining and/or participating in "Living in Spirit and Truth". The purpose of this group is to take the knowledge that we know of the Bible and APPLY it in our everyday LIVING and being. How do we do this? By BEING REAL with ourselves, weak or strong. In part, by EXCHANGING subjects and topics other groups don't bring forth in our ever-solidifying education. Not only reading, reviewing, studying and understanding the bible and other topics is as important, but the subjects discussed can help encourage and gain knowledge into putting what we know into ACTION towards being a better Christian or spiritual person, regardless where you're at in "your Spiritual walk."

Here is a special announcement:

  • --You are a part owner of this group
  • --You are a share-holder in this stock-knowledge exchange
  • --You are on the board of this Living-In-Spirit-And-Truth executive board
  • --You are the investment banker in this lucrative "Spiritual" proposition
  • --You are the doctors and nurses in this healing "Spiritual" hospital

      This group is only as active, engaging, spirited and spiritual as you are! I am not counting on you for this success, but we are all counting on each other to make this group a success. This creation can be a blessing for all of us: to be full in our mind and in our hands(actions), to be favored by God to be forgiven, and to be fruitful, in ALL we do.

      God Bless!