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Description LOSSE WEIGHT AND GET PAID FOR IT !! Medical research links obesity and excess fat to a number of serious physical and psychological concerns?in fact, the obesity problem has become one of the most serious health threats facing us today. Why is this trend on the rise? Why are we gaining weight? There are plenty of theories: We don?t get enough exercise. We eat too much. We eat too much ?fast food.? We eat the wrong kinds of food. We have a malfunctioning metabolism. We eat processed foods with chemical additives that may impact metabolism. -------- FACT -------- In spite of the fact that we have been obsessing over diets for more than a decade, Americans are heavier than ever: as many as 60-70% of us are overweight, and as many as 40% are obese (more than 20 pounds overweight). ---- Whatever the causes, it?s time for a solution?and that?s exactly what the Appetizer Diet® offers.

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Dear Jana: There Is No Better Product Anywhere!

On January 3rd of this year I slipped in some antifreeze, causing me to fall and hit the base of my brain. It knocked me out, caused a seizure and then stopped my heart. I had an out of body experience. I could hear everything that was happening around me but could not respond. As I was ready to be transported to the hospital trauma room my oldest son arrived and told the fireman they weren⿿t moving me until he prayed for me. He laid his hand on my head and asked God to let me live. God answered that prayer.

Arriving at the hospital my husband and youngest son were met by the hospital Chaplin. They were told that, because I had no heartbeat and was totally unresponsive when I first arrived, I needed to spend the next several days in the hospital.

After being released, I was in our business when Meme Groseth came in. She saw what kind of shape I was in and told my son to get me on Limu Plus right away. At this time in my life my body was totally depleted of everything. I could hardly stand. I couldn⿿t think or remember things. I cried a lot and I slept about 18 hrs a day.

Within two days of first drinking Limu Plus about 4-6 oz. each day, and maybe even a little more, I was a new person! Within a few days people were asking me what I was taking ⿿ they couldn⿿t believe the way I looked.

I love Limu Plus! My husband now drinks it daily and won⿿t be without it. My grandchildren love it too. I tell my customers at our business about it too. As far as I⿿m concerned, there is no better product anywhere!


Julie Wiezorek

September Health Show Conference Call
Join Vitamark Diamond Affiliate and Health Show hostess, Meme Groseth, and Vitamark Vice President, Tom Mitcham, on Thursday, September 13th for the Health Show Conference Call. This month they'll be discussing the ingredients in CellRich, Vitamark's premium antioxidant product.

Please make a note of the call details and information!

Thursday, September 12th
9:30 PM Central
10:30 EST | 8:30 MST | 7:30 PST
Phone (646) 519-5860
PIN Number 2186#

Invite your friends and downline to join you.
Don't miss this important and informative call!