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Occupy Justice was born out of one the most horrific things that could ever happen to any human being within the walls of society today! It is time that we no longer sit silent while the wheels of injustice continue to roll on. In 2005 I was falsely accused of a horrific crime I never committed, however the ADA in the Colorado Springs El Paso County District Attorney's office, disregarded clear evidence that a crime may not had occurred at all. Once looked at and calculations to convict a defendant (myself) rather than seek the truth, I was wrongfully convicted and sent to Prison for a minimum of 10 years. I was bound like animal in shackles and chains to be regarded as an outcast of society and forgotten, and for one reason, a bitter self-indulged prosecutor name Donna Bellick who ignored the truth and crossed the line of law and ethics to get a conviction! The same office that the citizens of this state vote into office ignored the actions of Ms. Donna Bellick and an innocent man was sent to prison for 6 and a half years for nothing! The court of appeals saw things a little differently and reversed the conviction on August 4th, 2011, Citing Prosecution Misconduct and citing the ADA of crossing the line of Law over twenty -five times to secure a conviction once the heart of the prosecution's case was all but lost. On December 10, 2012 I went to trial on the same bogus charges and was found NOT GUILTY! Of all felony charges and am now a free man! However the actions of the Prosecutors, Judges, investigators and all parties that cross the line of law through immoral and corrupt practices must be held accountable for such gross misconduct and a clear demonstration of an Abuse OF Power! If it can happen to me, it can happen to your mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter and all those you have come to appreciate and love in your life. Our mission is simple, to not allow anything like this happen again, and to bring at least to the consciousness of all people of every race, color, creed and religious affiliation that we must join in the outcry against such horrible actions and immoral behavior from these trusted officials. To learn more and or to become a part of this movement of justice, please contact me Don't be the next victim of injustice. I look forward in joining with you to make a difference! Check us out on Facebook as well! "Better five hundred guilty go free thn one innocent man or woman go to prison." It's time to make a change to our system. Stand by for the change to come.
Lamont Banks
Founder & President of Occupy Justice