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To provide an atmosphere for individuals to assemble with like minds, intentions and synonymous definitions toward courting, dating, engagement and marriage. This group is being solely formed based on honesty, morals, values and integrity. This group is comprised of individuals desiring the utmost respect towards courting, dating and marriage. This group possess the 'ol school' flava of courting; collecting data from each other to determine if they are a true match made in heaven for each other without the complexities of involving sex. Sex more often than not prevents one from thinking clearly, making sound judgments and prevents one another from truly getting to know the other person. Non sexual involvement will TRULY set you free from mistakes that need not happen in the first place. This group is comprised of Ladies and Gentlemen putting each other on the highest of pedestals and cherishing and respecting each other as courting used to be and needs to be again.

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Happy belated 4th of July everyone!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable, safe funfilled celebration!

Me and my Grandson flew out of Tulsa, Oklahoma @ 6am July 4, 2008 & arrived in Manhattan, NY @ 3pm, LOL, I was so excited that I packed all 125 diapers in my luggage and forgot to put some diapers in the diaper bag! LMAO, thank goodness they sold individual diapers fo $0.79 @ the DC airport, check out the picture I took of me and my Grandson Cam'Ron holding the diaper, see the big smile I had on my face, I was so relieved they sold diapers and more importantly that I was able to change him before he became too wet or had performed the #2 LOL

Thanks so much you guys for joining our group!

And I look so forward to reading more of your post and exchanging ideas from each of us!

Again, Happy belated 4th of July to you and yours!


Say Crisp Courting Loyaltys



Ok everyone I started it off, now I would love to see you represent your photos :)

Thanx in advance!



Thank you all so much for joining our group!

We are definitely on the right tirack!

I began this group for US, for everyone to participate via adding new topics of discussion and or commening on posts that I entered or someone else of our group entered.

Feel free anytime to comment or initiate a topic of your choice.

Tastefully and respectfully done, there aren't ANY topics we can't embark upon!

I truly look forward to hearing what you, think have to say, want to vent about, complain about, give credit to and praise for!

Thanx again for joining Ladies and Gentleman!

Alwayz Sincere,

Say Crisp Courting Loyaltys :)