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I know you are tired of paying high interest loans and having to work hard to live comforatable. I know you are tired of having your credit score checked to see if you will even be approved for a loan. I know you are tired of doing business with companies that sees you as only a client not caring about you or what going on in your life. What if I told you there was a company that was built around you with your life and what's going on in your life placed at high priority. Your life accomodation is what drives this company to do great things for you and other like you b/c without you the company would not succeed and you without this company would leave you keep paying high interest loans and remaining a client! Have you ever felt like you are needed by a company and if it don't have you it would not succeed? This company needs you and you need it. Contact me soon to learn more. Become family with The Brutherhood and never again be treated as just a client.

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To: All perspective members

From: Marland T. Garrett / CEO of True Brotherhood Inc.


True Brotherhood Inc. is a new company, generated to meet everyday necessity of everyday people such as you. True Brotherhood Inc. is true brotherhood in every since of the phrase. True Brotherhood Inc. was designed with you in mind and strives for your execellence of a better lifestyle.

True Brotherhood Inc. started as a dream but now it is a reality, based on helping one another to help us all (which is our motto). Helping one another to help us all is key to True Brotherhood Inc.?s organization because without you there is no True Brotherhood Inc. and you with out True Brotherhood Inc., you may never experience the power of true brotherhood.

True Brotherhood Inc. is undeniably the right organization for you, allow me to explain.


Searching for financial help can not only be frustrating it has been proven to be time consuming. True Brotherhood Inc. was created with you in mind and is dedicated in helping individuals such as yourself improve their financial well being.

Financial Security that is something your family will always appreciate. Each year, tens of thousands of people will rely on True Brotherhood Inc. for this sort of peace of mind.

True Brotherhood -vs- Banks & Money Lenders

I know you are tired of paying out too much money, having someone look at your credit score only to tell you "I'm sorry, but we can't approve you for a/this loan". I know you are tired of paying too much for the home you are living in only to have enough left over to feed your family rather than go out to spend time with your family on vacation. I too am tire, so I introduce to you the solution, "True Brotherhood Inc".

The Layout/ Plan:

To become affiliated with True Brotherhood Inc.... there?s a monthly fee of $52 to $82 (depends on where you live "cost of living"). This monthly fee is to be paid for at least a total two years before you are able to request a purchase. When and if you do make a purchase you will still be requested to pay your monthly payment which is set by the state you are in, this is explained below. (Two dollars of each of your monthly payments will go to misc. expenses) Negotiation will be handled by elders of the family i.e. CEO and Exec?s. CEO has last say so regarding family member's request. As stated before, there are no small print and no large words to confuse anyone.

Ever heard of a company, (bank, and money lender) tell you:

Find the house of your dreams. You find that home. The company then tells you they are going to step in and attempt to purchase your dream home below asking price at 0% interest for the entire duration of you loan? I?m sure the answer is NO!

True Brotherhood Inc. is that company. You could receive a 0% / Interest Free Loan and would possibly be able to help purchase your home for a lower amount. Your credit score wouldn't be an issue, all we ask is that you maintain a job and live within your means, so that you are able to pay your mortgage and still live comfortably. True Brotherhood Inc. was created to help better your lifestyle not help you jump into something that may become a burden on your life, we work out mortgage payments plans with member that will help cushion major decisions with your finances.

We try to make affording a home a pleasant experience not a nightmare. True Brotherhood Inc. will make sure you have a comfortable payment plan to fit your financial status for the house you like and not for the house you may have had to settle for in the past. You will save more money with being family with True Brotherhood Inc. than being just a client, member, or tenant with some other company. Other companies may only care about your legal business with them but at True Brotherhood Inc. we?d rather care about your well being 1st and keep business 2nd, your LIFE and the lives of your family is our concern, business will come and go.

Back to your dream home: (EXAMPLE)

You found a home for $250k. A house at that price, (if you took money from a lender or bank) your mortgage could be anywhere from $1200-$1700 per month depending on your credit score & interest rates. If your credit score is considered good, you may get about 8% tacked on with a 30 to 35 year payment plan, and if it's not. Well, let's not go there!

With True Brotherhood Inc, your payments could be as low as $700 a month with a 25 year payment plan (interest free) that would bring you to pay $210k for a $250k house that probably would/ could have been negotiated for final purchase price of $225k which equals, you saving thousands ($60k or more if you would have used some other company).

Sounds too good to be true but that's the truth. There are no smoke and mirrors involved but magic will be made. We really and truly do care here at True Brotherhood Inc. We are not in the business of taking advantage of anyone's hard earned dollar. We believe in making lives a little better, we are in the business of accommodating LIFE.

Monthly Payment:

You will still have to continue to pay your family dues of $52 or $82 dollars a month plus your mortgage b/c that is the money that drives True Brotherhood Inc. to continue to do things like this for all. These said monthly payments are an expected payment to maintain a member of True Brotherhood Inc. If you choose not wanting to stay a member of True Brotherhood Inc., write a letter to the company and your membership will be terminated. To stop paying the said monthly payment of $52 or $82 a month is the same as terminating your membership and you will no longer have the authority to request any purchases courtesy of True Brotherhood Inc. If you so choose to stop paying your membership fee or leave True Brotherhood Inc., your original monthly payment plan will become null and void, your monthly payments will increase to match the said amount borrowed from True Brotherhood Inc., not to exceed your stated year stated payment plan. This include any other purchace(s), loans, debt payment(s), or any other payments or monetary exchange not mentioned courtesy of True Brotherhood Inc., still honoring the 0% interest guarantee.

If you choose to leave True Brotherhood Inc. you have all rights to a money back guarantee, excluding two dollars of each of your monthly payments paid to True Brotherhood Inc. if there are no purchases pending and if you have never made a purchase through True Brotherhood Inc., including debt payment, payments, loans, bills or any other payments or monetary exchange courtesy of True Brotherhood Inc.

If you so choose to leave True Brotherhood Inc.'s Family you are still welcomed as a brother or sister, you have all right to attend all functions, you are always and forever will be considered family.

If you?d consider being a member of True Brotherhood Inc. Please leave your information below and one of our representatives will contact you via e-mail or phone. This is no legal document. This is only a tool to see how many people we would be able to fit into our monthly area of concern.

Name: ______________________________ ______________________________ ______

E-mail: ______________________________ ______________________________ _____

Phone: (cel) ____________________________ (home) ___________________________

Occupation: ______________________________ ______________________________ _

Financial Stability: good ___________ bad ___________ poor ___________