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Pass the hotsauce!!!! Not since ancient NUBIA/KEMIT has the Blackman reached equally magnificent lofty heights (some say arguably that the Blackman via ISLAM did surpass ancient NUBIA/KEMIT in that regard!) even to the point of re-awakening the European and giving them the needed inspiration and blue-print to kick start their so-called renaisance lifting them out of the FLAT EARTH THINKING, WITCH BURNING. DISEASED (bubonic plague!) state of being!!!!! Unlike Ancient times where knoweledge was only given to people of high status, great wealth etc. in Islam QUR'ANIC wisdom was given to the rich and the poor thus surpassing all previous African systems at making sacred knoweledge accessible to any and all! Because of the closeness that Blacks had with MUHAMMAD (peace and blessings forever be upon him!) who was an Arab of Nubian descent through Hagar wife of the noble Prophet Abraham (Our yearly Hajj being dedicated to her and her son Prophet Ishmael!) and because of their moral and spiritual purity the Black Muslims were blessed with the SOVEREIGN EMPIRES OF: Moorish ANDALUS (Black Muslim Spain!), Ghana, Mali, SONGHAY (feat. TIMBUKTU!), Segu, Massina, Takrur, Wodai, Kanem Bornu, DARFUR, Darfunj, Hausaland, Sokoto, Birghima, Hamdulilahi, Wolof, Kong, Mahdist (Nubian Nile Valley!) Shoaa (Ethiopic!) along with countless Sultanates and Amirates etc. Had it not been for the snitches and collaborators the MUSLIMS of Bahia Brazil would had started yet another ISLAMIC STATE!!!!! When the Mandingo Muslims arrived (pre Columbus!) they intermarried with the indigenous spreading/establishing ISLAM firmly in the western hemiphere minus the: GENOCIDE, rape, sodomy, land theft, destuction of names, culture, drunkardness, broken treaty after treaty etc like the white Christians did (and still doing!). Black Moorish and Mandingo MUSLIMS pre-date Columbus nearly 600 years before his "clumsy" arrival in the western hemisphere. And for good measure the Chinese Muslim Admiral Zeng Ho landed in the Americas 87 years before Columbus. Un-biased European scholars such as: Leo Weiner, Barry Fell, Alexander Von Wuthenau etc. prove these un-deniable glaring, quantifiable facts. The evil myth that MUSLIMS destroyed Kemetic civilization was started by the colonialist then later regurgatated by the misguided "Afro-sin-tricks" such as: Chancellor Williams, John Henrick Clark, Josef Ben Yochanon and a few others. We will use the historical facts, truths (to debunk these haters of Islam!) from the father of true Afrocentrism Senagalese Muslim HERO Chiek Anta Diop, Ivan VanSertima, J.A Rodgers, EDWARD WILMONT BLYDEN (Abdul Karim!), AL HAJJ MALIK EL SHABAZZ, Khalid Muhammad and many others proving that ISLAM IS THE NATURAL INHERENT WAY OF LIFE FOR THE BLACKMAN as well as the upward mobilty positive effects it has had on us to this very day! In SUDAN the the MUSLIMS there are still heavily attached to their Nubian heritage and culture. Askia MUHAMMAD founder of the ASKIA dynasty of the Songhay empire was buried in a step pyramid, The HAUSA are well aware of their early migrations from Nubia and history proving yet again the respect and practice that us Black Muslims have for our Nubian/Kemitic heritage. The only slaves who could actually read and write during the American chattle slavery era were only the Muslims, manuscripts have survived that era and are still in existance for all to see! Spirituals, Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Soul, R and B and now Rap has it roots with the MUSLIMS in West Africa as well. We will cover a broad range of the influence of Islam from the time of Prophet Muhammad to contemporary times. Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the U.S bring wonderful people into our fold realizing their true relationship with ALLAH and obligations to their fellow man etc!

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