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The Lessons of Love,Life and Laugter My Book will be coming out Dec 22,2006 At Barnes and Nobel,Boders,Amazon,Muze. It will ake a great christmas gift for someone who is going through

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The Lesson Life,lLove and Laugter


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Hello my name is Stephanie Morgan

I would love to be a guest on your show I 'am a brain cancer survivor I was born at 5 1/2 months 1lb 7-1/2 ounces I almost died because I could not breathe the doctors had to give me a condroid spit and placed a pipe into my airway so that I could breathe.⿝ I pulled my cords out 63 times" in 2004 while working I had a stroke. My head had been hurting for some months and I had begun to loose my eye sight in my left eye I was missing school because my head was hurting so bad. I knew something was wrong medicine could not take care of it. I went to a community hospital and told them that I had a stroke they took my blood and urine and thought it out. I believe it was because I had no insurance the doctor told me to go home and lay down. I would have lain down and died just the mere fact of me listening to them. the following day I went to an university hospital and asked them to give me an ct scan or an mri I explained about the stroke and me losing my eye sight in my left eye that I had one day ago the doctor placed me in an eye exam room looked down my throat, ear, my nose and said ohh you have an sinus infection he then proceed to write me a prescription for some sinus medicine and sent me on my way. I went back to the same hospital and asked them to give me a cat scan or an MRI. The doctor placed me in a room and begins to do a lumbar puncture to drain fluid off of my spine. The doctor gave me some ladacane and began to stick me I told him that I could feel it. All together he stuck me 6 time on the 6 time he caused me to have another stroke my left side went numb. One they had given up they then sent me to get a ct scan. That⿿s when they found out that there was a tumor. They then sent it out for a biopsy a few weeks to a month went by. The results came back it was cancerous. Its called a condroid sarcoma 40-65 yrs of age is affected with it. It⿿s a slow growing tumor. I then went through a transphornorital "nostril" to remove the tumor. the doctor could not get it all so they did the crainioscopy "cut from ear to ear" they removed my smelling nerve I can no longer smell or taste, half of my pituitary gland "controls hormones" removed fat from my hip to put behind my nose so that my brain would not slide down my nose, a tracheotomy, a week later I began 52 sessions of radiation a couple of sessions later I began to feel the symptoms I did lose my hair I continually gain weight from the steroids. I began to get the moon face and a lot of memory loss that I still now suffer within blessed I struggle with my self because I don⿿t look the same and I want to lose weight it's my stomach I can lose the weight anywhere else but my stomach I have even starved myself to get rid of my stomach I got down to a 17/18 in women but gained it all back my waist is medium it's just my stomach, even osteoporosis "thinning of the bone" and near syncope " low blood pressure. I need help I have tried to reach out to oprah, tyra, even maurry,i'm desperately seeking help they wont answer me will you I also was able to write a poetry book out online The lessons of love, life and laughter" by Stephanie Morgan online at borders books,,barnes and noble. I also have a myspace page or Stephanie_patrice_morgan@yahoo .com