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Princes/Princesses SEDEK SHALOM = The Kingdom of Righteousness and Peace of Body Mind and Spirit greets you with love and understanding from the Seven-fold Spirits and Stars/Thrones of HAR ZION. (Psalm 2:6) What is your ultimate request while living and in accordance with all verses in Malachi 3rd Chapter do present yourself with tithes to the Most High Elohim God (EL ELYON Elohim) so that your thankfulness will be rewarded with the Goodness of the Lord. Approach the ONE sitting upon the GREAT WHITE THRONE (KODOSH KODOSH KODOSH YHVH SABAOTH MILLO KOL HERETZ KEBUDA) translated in English [HOLY HOLY HOLY YHVH SABAOTH FILL THE EARTH WITH GLORY] AND BECOME ONE OF THE CROWNED WHO WALK AMONGST THE UNCROWNED IN ACCORDANCE WITH ALL VERSES WRITTEN IN PSALM 24th chapter in the Holy Bible.l KINGPRIEST EL ELYON 1 - KODOSH KODOSH KODOSH YHVH SABAOTH Translation in English: (Holy Holy Holy YHVH SABAOTH) ... Kingdom of RIGHTEOUSNESS AND PEACE Thanks Princes & Princesses. Blessings awaits you from the Windows of Heavens through the Seven Golden Spirits before the ONE SITTING UPON THE GREAT WHITE THRONE & THE MESSIAH$ (LAMBS) in the midst thereof. A Heavenly Angel Steps up to the All-Gold Microphone in one of the Seven Heavens and says: FALLEN! FALLEN! FALLEN! IS BABYLON AND EVERYONE IN IT HAS BECOME DEMONIZED. The Windows of the Seven Heavens opens and then an Angel at One of The SEVEN HEAVENS CALLED Hallelu-YOU "SHINING STARS" ( ) says: The 7 Angels of the 7 Heavens offers THANKS to all of you FOR YOUR TITHES RECEIVED at IN ACCORDANCE WITH MALACHI 3: < all verses applied> BLESSING: Explanation of "Fallen Fallen Fallen is Babylon and everyone became demonized." Michael H'Sar (Daniel 12: 1, 2, 3, & 10) and the first Spirit in Revelation whereby you must "Remember from where you have Fallen and Repent." We 7 Angels & 7 SPIRITS will be waiting for your RETURN AND LET YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE TREE OF LIFE HERE IN PARADISE, WHILE YOU ARE LIVING NOW! THIS IS SERMON UPON GOD S HOLY MOST HIGH MOUNTAIN HABITATION. ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION EARTH: HERE IS MY MESSIAH KING ANOINTED BY ME UPON SION ZION MY HOLY HABITATION MOUNTAIN. PSALM 2: 6 MESSIAH$. IMMANUEL SEDEK SHALOM (GREETINGS FROM THE CENTILLION EL ELYON MOST HIGH CITY OF SIONzion WHERE YHVH SHAMMA) Let all flesh PEOPLE ON EARTH BE silent YHVH (Tetragrammaton) EL ELYON ELOHIM IS bringing YOU THE MOST HIGH Law from MOST HIGH SIONzion YHVH SHAMMA (YHVH Means: I am giving you power to look upon the Anointed One that you would be looking upon.... See)... SEE EZEKIEL 43: VERSES 7 ONWARD STARTING WITH "THIS IS THE DIAS OF MY THRONE AND THE PLACE OF THE SOLES OF MY FEET ... I am here to dwell with you forever. Remove the fake false God from before me). REMEMBER THESE WORDS which is GIVEN IN the Book of REVELATION whereby it is given to you all to become THE MESSIAH$. The Marriage of the LAMBS has come Email: Reservations: Watch and View: This has been your flying ANGEL FLYING IN THE MIDHEAVENS WITH THE EVERLASTING GOOD WORDS OF ELOHIM GOD. SACRED SACRED SACRED YHVH SABAOTH FILLTHE EARTH WITH MY GLORY..... LIVE FROM THE HOLY CITY...THE CENTILLION EL ELYON MOST HIGH CITY OF RIGHTEOUSNESS AND PEACE. BARUCK ABRAHAM EL ELYON Konay SHEMYIMS V'ERETS which means Blessed Father and Mother of all the Families of the MOST HIGH ELOHIM GOD. BARUCK EL ELYON (The blessed ones that is in Possession of the 7 Heavens and the Earth) POSSESSOR OF THE SEVEN HEAVENS AND EARTH. Anee EL SHADDAI (I am the ALMIGHTY POWER OF ELOHIM GOD.) CORRECT or PERFECT YOURSELF BEFORE ME .... ONE SITTING UPON THE GREAT WHITE THRONE THIS CLASSIFIED SERMON IS Sent from heavenly ELOHIM KINGPRIEST EL ELYON ONE - SABAOTH THRONE IN SIONzion the WHICH IS THE CENTILLION CITY OF YHVH {Yahweh] ELOHIM. YHVH SHAMMA

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