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The Real Facts About Your Pills and Tablets
If your home is like most, your cupboard is filled with mineral and vitamin pills or
tablets. Unfortunately, the majority of these products were made in the exact opposite
fashion appropriate for the body. In fact, their engineering is specifically designed for
bottom dollar profit, not better health!
To understand this dilemma, let⿿s you and I do a quick exercise. Let⿿s suppose
we decide to go into business together. In fact, we decide to go into the traditional
supplement business to sell tablets and pills.
Well, let⿿s get at it!
First off, let⿿s pick a product. How about a calcium supplement? Next we need
raw materials to make the product with. Since we are in business our goal is to turn a
profit, right? So we want to buy low cost raw materials. How about the number 1
ingredient used in most calcium supplements? Fortunately it⿿s one of the cheapest you
can find too, calcium carbonate, and the blackboard chalk we talked about earlier!
Second, we need machines to put the product together. The traditional machine
used to make supplement tablets is called, appropriately, a ⿿tablet press.⿝ These
machines use intense pressure and heat to form the tablet. A very dense packed tablet
is now formed. Think about the last time you tried to cut one in half. It⿿s packed so tight
you can barely break it. Just maybe this wasn⿿t the form nature had in mind for our body
to liberate nutrients from, but never mind, we⿿re in business!
Now, we also need materials to help the machine run smoothly and substances
to help GLUE the tablet together so it keeps its shape. In fact, as we learn our new
business, we now know that on average, 50% of the tablet isn⿿t even nutrient! It⿿s
filled with glues (like povidone or some type of sugar) and other substances called flow
agents. These flow agents are substances used to help the powders run smoothly
through the machine, things like magnesium stearate or calcium stearate.
In addition, we learn that the majority of pill, tablet, and capsule manufacturers
have standardized molds for their supplements with specific size requirements. Simply
put, in order to have a standard size tablet, other things beside nutrients will need to be
added to fill up the space.
These other things, known as excipients, act as insoluble binders, lubricants,
colorants, preservatives, and flavoring agents, which are mainly intended to help the
machinery last a long time and run better. These also aid in the preservation of the
tablet. Now, these fillers may help the machines run more smoothly and help to keep
water out of the product, but are not designed to benefit human cells and tissues. In
fact, they can actually be harmful to the body since the majority of these fillers are
derived from sugars, starches, yeast, or powders that the consumer is unaware of. The
result, as recent studies have shown, is these substances are used so frequently in so
many products, that people are actually developing allergies and food intolerances to
these components.
If that wasn⿿t enough, many of these ingredients interfere with digestion because
they are not water-soluble. They actually bind and help glue the product together,
making it nearly impossible for the body to use. Substances like magnesium stearate,
calcium stearate, and stearic acid, are all wax-like substances that coat nutrients,
making them virtually insoluble in water. What⿿s worse, these substances actually
interfere with the normal digestive process. To see it for yourself, crush a tablet or a
capsule with a stearate ingredient into a glass of water, stir vigorously, and watch the
nutrients float to the top, un-dissolved.
Now let⿿s get back to business. We have another issue to address in the making
of our product, the shelf life. Now, do we want our products to last a little, or a long time
on the store shelf? As long as possible, right? One of the things in food science to
ensure this happens is to keep water out. That⿿s why candy bars are wrapped and
cereals are sealed to keep moisture out. Tablet manufacturers often coat the outside of
their tablets with shellac or wax-substances like hydroxypropyl methycellulose, and
that⿿s why so many tablets or pills have a shiny look to them when you pull them out!
So finally we⿿re finished. We⿿ve created a product with a cheap raw material,
we⿿ve run it through a pressing machine with glue and other substances, and then
coated it with wax to further keep water out! Congratulations! Our potential customers
can now buy a cheap, half-nutrient, condensed, pressed, glued, and waxed-over tablet
with a three to five year shelf life. Get this, our customers might even believe it⿿s going
to help them because we also put some great commercials on TV and wrapped the
product in a pretty pink label.
Don⿿t believe it? Well let⿿s go through the label of one of America⿿s best-selling
supplements to drive the point home. If you⿿ve got one at home, grab it right now off of your shelf and look for yourself.


A Breakthrough in Technology
But what if there was an alternative? A breakthrough! A mineral supplement
having the correct particle size, already water-soluble, and immediately cell-ready.
What if it had such a powerful ionic charge before it entered your body⿦that it required
no digestion?
Then the full potential of the minerals and their positive effects could be
experienced within the body. For example:
⿢ Magnesium is the body⿿s work horse mineral. It is critical for ease of joint
movement, steady functioning of the cardiovascular system, proper sugar
balance, healthy bones, long-term mental clarity and is involved in 300 plus
enzyme systems in the body. Most importantly, without proper concentrations of
magnesium in the body, calcium supplementation is virtually useless.
⿢ Copper is the handyman because it is needed by all tissues for many reasons. It
plays a central role in promoting normal cardiovascular health and circulation,
and formation and maintenance of strong bones.
⿢ Chromium is the body⿿s balancer. It helps promote healthy sugar levels in the body.
⿢ Zinc is the potency mineral. It is critical to the formation and activity of enzymes
in the cells that support the maintenance of a healthy immune system. It is also
involved in many chemical reactions in the brain and central nervous system and
helps support hormone production and sex drive. Zinc also promotes healthy
prostate function and is important for the proper maintenance of the male
reproductive system.
⿢ Manganese is the quiet helper. It is an essential part of enzymes necessary for
the metabolism of proteins and fat.
Remember, when it comes to minerals, the benefits are many. But when it comes to
mineral supplementation, it needs to be in the right design for use by our bodies. It must
be in the correct particle size, it must be water soluble, and must be immediately cellready,
requiring no work from your digestive system.
What if all this potential could be harnessed? How would your health be different?
How would living your life be different? What if you could take the pre-existing condition
of your body out of the wellness equation?
Just as John F. Kennedy believed America⿿s future could be astonishingly different,
and led our country to a new frontier in space, a different kind of company is leading our
nation to a new frontier in wellness.

That company is the Eniva Corporation. You may not have heard of it before, but
most certainly will. Because in its Class 10,000 research and development facility, along
with an in⿿house team of biochemists engineers, and award-winning scientists,
breakthroughs in nutritional wellness are everyday occurrences.
There IS an astonishing wellness alternative. It⿿s happening right now. Things other
said couldn⿿t be done are being done, while changing lives by the thousands.
I hope you have found this information both helpful and informative. In closing,
remember that proper nutrition for your body is not like taking antibiotics, something that
you do for two weeks and then stop. It is a life-long, daily commitment to achieve better
health and a vibrant lifestyle. So go through your shelves and countertops and see what
you⿿ve got.
⿢ Are they in the correct particle size?
⿢ Are they water soluble?
⿢ Are they ionic?
⿢ Are they cell-ready?

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