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The people giving testomonials lost weight without excersing. Exercise is very important. But alot of us feel intimitated about joining a gym or just don't have the time. Look, the human body was designed to move, and there are a million studies that prove the importance of an active vs seditary lifestyle. Bottomline, I am working toward a regular workout routine myself, but unfortunately I have to much on my plate right now. In the meantime, I kind of like the fact that I can personally demonstrate the dramatic affects of proper nutrition. Your body doesn't want to be over weight. There are no such things as hunger pains, that's just your body saying nice try, but I'm still needing nutrients. This is why so many of us get hungry not long after having a meal. So what should you do about exercise? Well if you are like me, the good news is that even without it, you can make great strides in improving your health and losing weight Exercise is really different for everyone, yet the infomercials for the latest judo hip hop dance the weight off routines are not for everyone. Start from where you are at, and just do more to start. As you go, increase it and mix it up. If you are very overweight and haven't exercised in years, at least take a walker each day. High heart rate cardio routines are not going to burn a lot of fat. The best thing to do for weight loss are lunges and push ups. A push up is a great all around upper body work out. Lunges to near muscle failure will cause your largest muscles to burn calories all day long.



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