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Solar energy is a process of which sunlight is converted into electrical energy . Do you know you can save on your electrical and heating bills ? There are many types of solar energy systems. 1. one type of solar system is called a grid tied solar system this is when you use the sunlight to active the solar system and it converts over to electricity but like a small power plant you send your power that you generate back to your electric company and they credit you on your bill for power your produce from the sunlight. its GREAT! 2. A stand alone solar system with special type of batteries called deep-cell or marine batteries these types can hold and discharge a electric charge for longer periods and this is why the sunlight from your solar panels systems can convert electrical energy into these special batteries for days of storage . Hi you have any new questions! You know where I'll be here on Black Planet for the curious and want to know members1 THANK YOU FOR READING!

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To the concerns of every one asking the question how we going to do it ?
Major Foreclosure Across America And If You Are HomeOwner You May BeNext!

In the mortgage industry layoff will effect thousands of Black professional working in the field with more pink slips coming but the heart of the isuse
says Bro Wisdom 2See is the unknown variable of the effects on the Energy Cost ,the high electric bills & the price of gasoline at the pumps which recently hit an all time high of over 78 per barrel could we be seeing very soon over $3.75 dollar a gallon at the pumps?

The hidden cost is reflected in the grocery store milk at $4.00 per gallon
and to the mothers out there is this something to be concerned about?
Energy cost is driving the prices across the every purchase items we need
food cost, clothing, and shelter .

Look It time to get involved with this forum here on Black Planet share your comments with US !

Let US together network Ideas against Man Made Disaster and Natural Disaster due to the effects of Climate Changes caused by carbon emissions we offer as an solution our priority must began with and among the black communities an Solar /Wind Energy Movement!

Look forward to hearing from you take time to share your comments can you take a minute to provide your comments and solutions!
No matter what your age is we are all being effected.
Bro Wisdom2See =5aJLWcZ1OaU