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Millions of dollars have been spent on the study of the human race. The human race has been broken down into three different groups based on the continent they originated which are Caucasian (Europe), Mongoloid (Asia), Negroid (Africa). The branches of human studies of contemporary science are sociology, anthropology, sociobiology and psychology. Every prominent racial group measures themselves by the past performances and accomplishments their ancestors. Malcolm X wrote about Afro-American History titled "History is a Weapon." Malcolm X started by stating, "the fact is that it is impossible to understand the present or prepare for the future unless we have some knowledge of the past. And the thing that has kept most of us -that is Afro-Americans- almost crippled in this society has been our complete lack of knowledge concerning the past." The Jewish community, which should be our template, is the best example of a people (similar experiences), who have had a long history of suffering at the hands of their oppressors. Their main issues deal with the their different religious beliefs. They pride themselves in their separate society. They strongly support their own businesses that create jobs for their people. And they establish private schools that instill pride and form a positive cultural vision for their children's future. They control their images and celebrate their ancestors struggles that got them to their present condition. Imagine, the different narrative for the same historical scenario told by the conqueror and the people they defeated. Perception of history is essential to achieve to uplift your family, community and nation. People in general are going to live up to their expectations. The best jokes about people are the ones that refer to stereotypes. Historically, the main goal of all oppressors is to brag about their superior status and justify why their captives deserve to be subjected to the oppressors' cruelty. The longer the oppressor can keep the upper hand, the longer the reign supreme. The primary purpose of this group is to educate the world about the exceptional history of accomplishments and performance of the African Americans which are the Biblical chosen people of God.

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