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The purpose of this group is to attract honest individuals with the common goal of finding, generating and sharing effective ways of making money online. We want honest persons from all financial levels of acheivement; so that the already more successful can help those that are still trying to find a way forward to a better place for themselves and loved ones. The help given from the more experienced and accomplished members might even be as simple yet as important as advising another member away from certain programmes that have been proven to be a scam. Or to point the way to ones that have been proven in their experience to be safe and profitable. Now i'm aware that because there are so many different things on offer on the internet, its very hard to tell real gold from fool's gold. Its such, in my experience, that even some programmes that might on the face of it, appear to be a scam, a pyramid or a ponzi scheme are, nevertheless, on closer scrutiny, actually quite legitimate, ethical and profitable for the ordinary person who gets involved. But what so often happens is that those who prosper most in these programmes are ones who are fortunate enough to have a family, friendship and general contact circle of people that are more open-minded and trusting. This makes for easier recruitment and they then quickly zoom through the steps in these programmes earning tons of money along the way. Whereas, a person from a different background who is not as fortunate to have such a positive trusting and open-miinded family and contact circle tend to move more agonisingly slowl within the same programme before they are in a position to make any money. In fact, many often lose heart after a while and simply give up, feeling let down by everyone around them. As far as his circle of contacts are concerned its, "oh here we go again. Another scheme, another bright idea, etc". The courage and strength of the individual is thereby sapped dry by his/her own nearests and dearests. Yet all the time the action-taker knows, because the evidence is there, that the programme does work and works powerfully too; because those other more fortunate action-takers are making tons of money. In light of that kind of scenario, with which many might be able to relate to from their own experience, we want this "Action-Takers are Money-Makers" Group to be a growing nework of action-takers who, when certain money-making programmes have been identified as clearly profitable, we would consider entering into the programme collectively in a structured way in order to bring about profit for all concerned. So that in effect, we are also building a honest, positive, open-minded contact circle of action-taking money-makers. Any action-taker member in the group is able to put forward a programme which he or she can show evidences the characteristics of being: legal, ethical, affordable, effective and profitable. Please join my "Action-Takers are Money-Makers" group if you believe the ideas and objectives set out above could be of benefit to you and others. And also invite others to join too and let us all work together for the collective financial good of us all. Even in these times of economic and financial uncertainties, as "Action-Takers" united in a common strength of purpose, we can succeed! LB

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