A call for the set up of an African Tech Company.

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Hello Everyone, This is NDIFOR NGWA from region now called "Cameroon" in the motherland. Sometime back, I had posted the need to set up an African tech company. Well, I have taken the time to study it and the idea is even more interesting to exploit now more than ever. If everyone have notice, there have been trends on how Africa is the next big thing as concern tech. Now, here is the twist, European/Western tech companies/Westerners are still the very one exploiting this new domain in Africa. This means, the children of Africa both in the continent and the diaspora are left out and still not taking advantage of this opening. I am just wondering if in anytime in life, we will be serious for once and start taking advantage of what is our rights to our resources. With that said, I will post two links that everyone can read which talks about this opening. After reading that link, I don't think I have to explain further of this opening and further, let me post another link to a German company that has taken just a few years and is sweeping this domain across the continent. They also break even in Nigeria and making huge profits already: Scrolling right down is listed the companies that they already operate in Africa and its is booming. Also more resource can be read from their website and also googling the venture will give resource on how they have succeeded, are succeeding with more prospects for the future. Now, I have studied this closely since 2010 and I have been studying the digital economy, trends and how it can grow and or relate to Africa since 2000. This company "Rocket Internet" has just fit in on the ideas I have been developing. Though they have significant capital and have invested in penetrating Africa, still there domain is open and there are ways to penetrate and compete with them. So, as before, I am very interested to start from the black community to call for backing, support, partners, financial funders, programmers, marketers etc etc so, we can join together to exploit this virtual economy of the motherland. The secret here above everything is financial capital to put in and kickstart the venture that will eventually grow to compete with western giants. We have to do everything possible to carve up our own share in this domain before it gets saturated. One barrier over here in Africa is that, as usual, Most African folks do not pay attention to everything or anything about them. Tech is the one new domain that still attest to this phenomenon. The idea of venture capital to invest in such domains is still some sought of an alien idea to most prominent persons that may have the financial power to invest. This clarify the reason why its still the very old europeans taking up the domain, exploiting it and being the very same old masters as they have always been. It is really disheartening to be experiencing this in the 21st century.... So, this is more of the reason why I call on my people in the diaspora who have knowledge of such things to step up and lets all together take the advantage of it. That is, providing the much needed capital knowing full well that, tech as usual need much input start up capital which sooner or later in the future will yield high dividends. We all know of such growth as in the western giants how they started and in within few years became multi billions dollars companies. So, if anyone knows "black" investors, banks, financiers, venture capitals and independent private person who can finance, do not hesitate to promote the idea Email contact: Tel: +237 674855289 +237 663886327 +237 693530340 Skype: ndiforgroup

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