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The main strategy for Afrikan Truth Be Told will be the implementation of the underlined meaning of the Seven Life Principles of the Nguzo Saba {the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa} into the everyday life style of the Afrikan communities of america. To promote the increased learning of Black History and Black Culture in an edu-taining way and increase the economic growth of black business through unique marketing strategies targeted at the black community, so that we might profit together from them. ⿿You have to think enough of yourself to think for yourself⿝ - © Asinia Lukata Chikuyu 2004 Not every African in america understand that Black Consciousness is the reward of black exploration, the source of black pride, and the inheritance we must pass on to the next generation . . . AT ALL COST. Afrikan Truth Be Told will work to raise Black Consciousness for the collective benefit of our children families and communities.

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⿿Removing the Threat to Justice for the Scott Sisters⿝ because ⿿injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.⿝ **********

I just need you to adding your name to the petition "A Full Pardon For Jamie & Gladys Scott" and then encourage other to do the same.

Our goal is to reach 50,000 signatures, at least 1,000 from each state in the usa, and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here: s/a-full-pardon-for-jamie-glad ys-scott

and encourage others to sign it also.

Asinia Lukata Chikuyu
National Outreach Director

Friday, April 1, 2011 - March - Rally & Town Hall Meeting ********

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was right on point when he said ⿿justice delayed is justice denied⿝. Even though the State of Mississippi cannot give back any of the sixteen years it took from Jamie and Gladys, an act of compassion would help compensate them for the injustice they have already endured. Yes, their release on January 7, 2011 was in a sense delayed justice, but the political nature of the release diminished the authenticity of the release as an act of justice.

The Committee For A Full Pardon for Jamie & Gladys therefore contends that 16 years for $11.00 is enough. But Mississippi politics has dictated that the people must continue to fight for full justice for Jamie and Gladys by demanding a full pardon for them from the State of Mississippi. Otherwise, we are again seeing how the wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ⿿injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.⿝ is still relevant in the struggle of Africans in america for civil rights and human rights in 2011 as it was in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and into the next millennium. The only way to remove the threat of justice from society is to take the politics out of the acts of justice that corrects the acts of injustice that created the threats to justice in the first place.

In the case of Jamie & Gladys Scott, that threat to justice is the restrictive release that Govern Haley Barbour The Mississippi and Florida Parole Authorities have placed on their ⿿freedom⿝. The restrictive release is threatening their ability to move freely and advocate earnestly for the prison reform, that they know first-hand is so desperately needed in the crime injustice system. Their restrictive release is a threat to their ability to earn an honest living giving back to the community through the compassion they have developed from the love the community has showed them during their sixteen year struggle for unadulterated justice. The restrictive release prohibits Jamie and Gladys from developing their oratorical skills as a spokesperson for American Kidney Foundation; Diabetics Awareness, Prevention and Education; the Preventive Health Care; Offender Rehabilitation; Recidivism Reduction and so much more.

All of these restrictions justify the call for ⿿Removing the Threat to Justice for the Scott Sisters⿝ March-Rally & Town Hall Meeting planned for April 1, 2011 in Jackson, Mississippi, as we also commemorate the day Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated (April 4, 1968). Removing the politics from the ⿿act of justice⿝ that was the restrictive release of the Scott Sisters dictates that the people comply with the admonishment Dr. King put before us when he said, ⿿our nettlesome task is to turn our strengths into compelling power⿝. That compelling power must be our grassroots demand for a full pardon for Jamie & Gladys and their right to advocate for the necessary prison reforms. Those prison reforms would help reduce prisoner abuse; improve the rehabilitative side of the incarceration intent and reduce recidivism among offenders actually exposed to rehabilitative programs coming out of the prison reform advocacy of the Fully Freed Scott Sisters.

The ⿿Removing the Threat to Justice for the Scott Sisters⿝ March-Rally & Town Hall Meeting and Commemoration of our lost of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 1, 2011 will turn our grassroots strengths in compelling power to bring about positive change in the criminal (in)justice system that will spill over to the larger community in the form of a more livable society. Removing the Threat of Justice for Jamie & Gladys Scott will be a win-win situation of everyone. So, the compelling thing to do is make the demand of Governor Haley Barbour and the Mississippi and Florida Parole Boards the grant Jamie & Gladys a full pardon to be able to move pass the sixteen years of injustice they have already suffered.

As we move forward to make Mississippi and America a more livable community for us all, we turn to the words of Dr. King to challenge the leadership of Mississippi to institute genuine justice for all. Dr. King told us that, ⿿A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.⿝ Fully freeing Jamie & Gladys would be an act of molding consensus by the leadership of this state. Otherwise, the compelling power of the people will have to resort to the underlined message in another piece of wisdom from Dr. King, ⿿Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed⿝.



The Foremost Challenge to Our Movement & Growth

I thought it was such a beautiful thing the way Afrikans converged on Jena, Louisiana to support the Jena Six. What a show of Black Power! What a show of Unity! What a show of Nia (Purpose)! Add that to the support that Afrikans are currently demonstrating in the pursuit of justice for The Scott Sisters, Jamie & Gladys Scott of Mississippi and the gravitation of Afrikans towards observing Kwanzaa as an Afrikan Holiday lifts my spirits immensely.

However, too much of the manifestation of Black Power is reactionary and too short lived. Sooner or later, preferably sooner, Afrikans are going to realize that being Proactive is so much more effective and sustaining for using our collective power (Kujichagulia & Ujima) to improve the quality of life in our community. Soon!, we will come to recognize that Black Power is good for Black People and being Proactive is the source for getting and sustaining that power.

For us to grow collectively, Afrikans need to begin to see things the way they need to be rather than the way they are. Yes, we are 2nd class citizens in america and that status is a direct result of our history here. But our history did not start here in america. Yes, we should react to the oppression and injustice of white supremacy that challenges our humanity. But at the same time, we must begin to move toward striving as a people, rather than simply surviving in america. That determination to achieve must be for the collective good (Ujima) rather than the selfish gratification we currently seek as americans.

James Weldon Johnson once said, ⿿We⿿re a special people. We⿿re the best and the brightest our ancestors ever produced⿝. That is a powerful affirmation given the great past deeds of Afrikan People and places an awesome burden of responsibility on us. The responsibility requires us to understand the power of Umoja (Unity) for Afrikan People and to truly have Imani (Faith) in the righteous of our struggle for self-respect, which will gather for us the respect of others.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, ⿿Our nettlesome task is to discover how to organize our strength into compelling power.⿝ And the true measure of a people⿿s compelling power is its ability to be self-reliant. What makes it so nettlesome for us as Afrikans in america to amass that type of power is our love of servitude that is conditioned in us through the training we receive in american schools and colleges. It become so vexing to go against the grain of being trained up in the way that america wants us to be that we concede to america⿿s perceived power over us.

Our foremost challenge in our struggle/movement is understanding what Dr. King meant when his said, ⿿a man who won⿿t die for something is not fit to live⿝, in context with what Kwame Nkrumah meant when he said, ⿿It is better to be free to govern, or misgovern, yourself than to be governed by anybody else.⿝ Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) dedicates that we be willing to fully understand Black Nationalism and Black Power and be totally committed to bring them into full fruition for the benefit of Black People collectively, which is the Afrikan-centered approach to living the Nguzo Saba.

Kwanzaa Yenu Iwe Na Heri!
(May Your Kwanzaa Be Happy)
May you know the Makadara (God-Power) of Imani (Faith) all year long.

Aki Asinia Lukata Chikuyu, Jackson, Mississippi



Join US! ***** After yet another very successful and inspiring Spritiual Pilgrimage to the Mississippi Delta, it is time to turn our attentions to the events at Forks of the Road, Natchez, MS. So on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009 we will caravan to the 2nd Annual Miss-LA Region Black & Blue Civil War Encampment. To canavan we us stop of Jackson, MS call 601.957.2969. Theme: "Destruction of Slavery Depended on Outccome of Da War" When: Historic Jefferson Military Colege 16 Old North Street - off U.S. Highway 61 North Washington Just Northeast of Nachez, MS Call 601.442.2901 Time: 12noon - 5:00pm Children's Soldier's Camp 10:30am FREE ADMISSION call 601.442.4719 or 601.442.2901 part of Lest We forget Family Websites