Anti-Obama, Anti-big government, Anti-left-right.

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Our Constitution is under attack by global banking cartel elite, hell bent on destroying sovreignty and establishing world government. Join this no matter what belief, creed, denomination, left or right or libritarian and discuss real world poblems and solutions to stop the destruction of the family and restore our republic so freedom can ring once again. Black community has been hoodwinked, bamboozled by the jewish banking cartel by frontig a puppet currently in office to sit as your savior. The is only one Savior and that is Jesus Christ. His laws and priciples isthe only thing standing in the way of a devil looking to run a burracracy over our right to private property, self defense (guns), and common english law (based on ten commandments). This consorted effort through music, hip hop culture (zombiefication of our youth), education ( brainwashing of history and science called peudo-science), our churches ( cormpromising to the worldly was of govt worship) and every facet is under attack. Every Godly principal is being attacked, child discipline, parental guidance, privacy, traveling (TSA Obama's brown shirts) and the setting up of unconstitutional checkpoints across America. Wake up, become informed, get involved, join the infowar and stop in-fighting and look at the real instigators of racial tensions and world wars...The international banking cartel, the conglomerates, the too-big-to-fails, the bilderburgs and the Habsburgs, Queen of England and Netehrlands who wish to throw us all back into a futilistic society and drug cartel ruled street thug controlled groups dominating the black market of prohibitions...WAKE UP.

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Describe for us what is it the Obama has actually done for this country.


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