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What We Want - What We Believe 1. We want peace, dignity, and the right to build a prosperous life through our own labor and in our own interests. 2. We want the rights to economic development and creative and productive employment which promote the needs and well-being of our entire people. 3. We want an end to all local, state, federal, and other taxation of black people by the U.S. government and any of its agencies. 4. We want the right to free speech and political association, a guarantee of the right to work for the betterment and emancipation of black people without fear of political imprisonment and the loss of life, limb, and livelihood. 5. We want the right to international political and economic association with Africans and all other peoples anywhere on the face of the Earth. 6. We want the immediate and unconditional release of all black people who are presently locked down in U.S. prisons. 7. We want complete amnesty for all African political prisoners and prisoners of war from U.S. prisons or their immediate release to any friendly country which will accept them and give them political asylum. 8. We want the immediate withdrawal of the U.S. police from our oppressed and exploited communities. 9. We want an end to the political and social oppression and economic exploitation of African women. 10. We want the right to build an African People's Liberation Army. 11. We want the U.S. and the international European ruling class and states to pay Africa and African people for the centuries of genocide, oppression, and enslavement of our people. 12. We want an end to the vicious, self-serving U.S. and Western European political, economic, and military interference in the affairs of Africa and African people throughout the world. 13. We want an end to U.S. colonial domination of African people within the U.S. 14. We want the total liberation and unification of Africa under an All-African socialist government. African People⿿s Socialist Will Aid and Lead Struggle of African People Every day, the international contradictions are becoming sharper. The peoples of the world who have been dispossessed by imperialism are waging a relentless struggle for repossession of their land, labor, resources liberty and human dignity. The historical forces giving power to imperialism are dying. The steel and concrete edifices that once bespoke of their glory are fast becoming their tombstone as the forces creating the power of the slave is on the ascendency. The struggle being waged by African people represents a part of the material forces affecting the ascendency of the slave. The African People⿿s Socialist Party its steeled discipline will aid and lead the struggle of African people by enhancing the conditions which contribute to new historic forces of the slave. Our Party, disciplined and remaining ever true to the theory of African Internationalism and anti-colonial politics, will surely break the bonds of slavery and place the destiny of African people firmly in our hands again.

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APSP calls African Liberation Movement to task to build revolutionary party!
February 18-21, 2012 National Plenary to launch party-building campaign!
On February 18-21, 2012 the African People's Socialist Party USA (APSP USA) will hold its National Plenary in St. Petersburg, Florida to define the work of the Party in this period and mark the 40th anniversary of the Party's founding.

For the past 40 years, the APSP USA has been a consistent force providing practical and ideological leadership in the struggle to free African people from the yoke of parasitic imperialism, a system that built and maintains wealth for white people in North America and Europe through the stolen land, labor and resources of Africans and other oppressed people throughout the world.

Build the Revolutionary Party for African Liberation!
Join the African People's Socialist Party USA!
Build the African Socialist International!

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