Why must we continue to Pay Retail?

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The question really is "can you make a difference by changing the way you think?" The purpose of this discussion is to get away from retail pricing and back to exchanging goods and services or recycling what we have through bartering. There is an online community for people who want to save money and who also understand that "new" is a relative term that only benefits retailers. Your "old" can actually be someone else's "new". As consumers we need to take back our economic power by bartering with other consumers and cut out the profit hungry conglomerates that have us caught up in their definition of "new". Their definition perpetuates the spending cycles of high priced goods by making us believe they are disposable after a short time period. Think about it, the life of computers, cell phones, videos games etc. Take a minute to think about it and I'll wait...hmmmmmm... So what do you think? We can do this if we all work -a start.

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New eCommerce Site Launched
This new site is for the socially conscious shopper who wants to shop and sell to other consumers. The niche for the site is no auctions, just bringing people who need to gether with people who have. The econmy is not getting any better so if we don;t beggin to help each other our situation could get worse. Take the greeedy retailer out our pockets because only they win in that game. No dragging stuff to and from flea markets or yard sales. Just folks bartering and trading goods and services on line in a open market. We're different, no fees to join anhd we operate like a community. There's even a forum to share tips to save money. Come on over, we'll leave the light on.