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5Linx Review ?the Dream or the Nightmare?? 5Linx review: Imagine getting paid large percentages of hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of phone bills every month. Wouldn?t that be fantastic? Well, that is just the dream that 5Linx offers to eager home business owners. But if you don?t want this dream to turn into a nightmare, you had better read this 5Linx review. 5LINX 30-DAY SUCCESS PLAN The 5Linx review shows that the company provides an alternative method to pay for your home phone, satellite TV, cell phones, Internet, and household security services, in addition to releasing their crown jewel Video Phone, which allows one to actually see friends and family members while speaking on the phone. The most recent additions to this line of services have been natural gas and electricity. Many of these services are accessible at a low-priced fees by comparison to other carriers. Through this business, persons from all walks of life are able to pioneer an organization and actually get paid a portion of their customer?s phone, TV, or electricity bills each and every month. Additionally, home business owners can grow an organization and get commissioned a percentage from the phone bills of their group member?s sales. These earnings can amplify all the way down to seven levels of team members, multilevel marketing, developing an enormous residual income, which can continue pouring in for years after one stops working. The 5Linx review sounds like a wonderful situation so far. Read on. The payment to sign up is $500. Not a bad cost to own your own company, and a lot cheaper than starting a restaurant. The payment plan is a bit complex, but suffice it to say that you get paid in three ways: percentages of individual customer bills, percentages of team member customer billings, and bonuses, many of which are commissioned for signing up new organization members who acquire brand-new customers. You only really need a few individual customers to commence acquiring revenue. 5Linx Review, The Dream or the Nightmare? Wealthy people are created in this business from one factor alone: building an enormous team. But the biggest obstacle comes from the prospecting process itself. 5Linx encourages a traditional relationship marketing approach for building your business: through your friends and family members. This is easier said than done. some people find that they have an unproductive warm market list, with contacts who do not have any interest in being, or work ethic to develop into a home business owner. It is at this point that the new representative very often either quits, or wanders around shopping malls trying to enroll complete strangers into his or her team, This is where the nightmare can start, and it stems from one source: a complete deficiency of professional marketing instruction. Healing the bad dreams: This 5Linx review discovers it to be a solid company, with a great compensation program, and it could conceivably be the opportunity of a lifetime. But way too many people are dropping out before they ever get close to reaching their goals, or to the potential for financial freedom that this company offers. But with the right guidance you could heal the wounds of wasted effort, and completely turn your business around in the next 30-Days. If you want to learn how I have been able produce 10-30 brand-new leads every day, all coming to me greatly interested in my business opportunity, I will now provide you with the two magic incantations that have enabled me to slay the dragons from my network marketing nightmare and truthfully live the life of my dreams. The TWO MAGIC WORDS: Internet Marketing. To watch a short video about EXACTLY how I accomplished this, go to CHECK IT OUT WATCH THIS

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