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Grace and Peace be unto all who enter here. It is with great joy that the LORD has lead me to start this group with it's purpose to share God's word and let it be known what it takes to be a real men lead by God. This group will focus on the concerns of our young and to give them the tools to being men,as well as to help the older ones to remember the lessons of manhood that was or should have been passed down to you. Respect of oneself, women, family, community, and most important, OUR GOD. WE MUST LET ALL KNOW THAT MEN LIFT OUR WOMEN AND COMMUNITY AND NOT DESTROY IT. This group is dedicated to the enrichment of the male populution, be it a single parent raising a young male, a teen looking for direction or our elders wishing to share thier experiences and wisdom. We also welcome comments, concerns and questions from our women who have been raising our young men without MALE support. It is important to remember this is a GOD centered group and all things will be bible based.

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Dear Brothers

My approach towards you is of the utmost and greatest importance. This letter to you is the end of what has been a lifelong journey. This journey has guided me to what I believe will turn the tide of what seems to be an unconquerable task of gaining the minimum of human equality in these painful times. I've studied, viewed and I have witnessed the result of unconscionable elitism, astounding imbalance in the realm of spirit as well as a well oiled system of disposal of many loving individuals.

This imbalance is weighing heavy on my heart and I live in the hopes that this is true of you also. For many years since the arrival on our beautiful American shores, many have struggled to have a voice within the vacuum of non-humanity that surrounds skin. But the words of love seem to fall upon deaf ears of those who control the spirit. It seems that it would take something of great spiritual importance, something that cannot be removed. Something otherworldly would have to transpire to solidify the humanity which has always existed in us.

My brothers and sisters, I feel that this event has come to pass. I feel a heavy weight in my heart at the thought of not telling you what I feel is the event that many of our past champions would have loved to witness. This event will truly turn the tides of humanity and I feel that it is the event that you have waited for.

This event is the miraculous rise of a long buried rock hewn Church. This my friends is not your average Church. This Church is the secret of 2012 and its rising is the reason the Mayans named this moment ⿿Black on High⿝. This Church ⿿Dagmawi Eyerusalem Yerer Sellasie Gedam⿝ /list_messages/12282 is the miracle that releases our spirits from within the control of tyrants. This Church was raised not by those within walls who believe they have control of the spirit. This holy place was raised with the assistance and guidance of the great Mother Mary. She has become our champion at this time of transition. She cannot be denied, she cannot be crossed, and she cannot be moved. Without her this Temple would not stand in the Sun. In the rise of this Church the elitism of the earth can return to a balance. The raising of this special place is not at all the end of the event. This Church has risen in a very special place.

Many who control the spirit have gone to great lengths to conceal secrets. But I promise you, Christ revealed the grandest secret within the Lord's Prayer when he stated this is how you pray to your God and proceeded to author the greatest prayer ever found within the Bible and that is Matthew 6:9 ⿿The Lord⿿s Prayer⿝. Here in lies the second portion of the event. The rise of this Church has taken place within a place with a very peculiar name. A place named ⿿Amen, Ethiopia⿝. This name Amen is a very ancient one and its meaning has been a greatly guarded secret hidden from those in tribulation. The true meaning of this word has been suppressed under the flooded Gulf of Greco-Roman terminologies and twisted definitions for the reason of confusion.

I am no longer confused on the meaning of this special word that permeates the text of all three of Earth's major religions. The only way that I can move along in this creation is to pass the message on to you. The meaning of this word is the Key. This is the Church given to Adam and Eve to break the yoke of elitism so harshly impressed upon them because of their origin of species. This is the moment that I believe many of us have cried for drowning in this earthly sea of pain. This is the moment that we can rise and live free of mind, free of spirit, free to claim our God given right to humanity. With the guidance of Christ the teacher of the Prayer to Amen we can stand in thanks as the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our lord and of his Christ. This mingled with the protection of Mary and within the glare of the one hidden in the Lord's Prayer, the true Amen can no longer be hidden from his children. My friends, this is the event that many have waited for and I am happy to be a part of.

My name is Michael =NURHdD6z_pM and this is the message I was born to give you. Please if you comprehend what I just stated within this letter, please pass this information on. This is of the utmost importance. This is The Event of 2012. If you care as much as I do about the future please investigate and pass on the news of the Miracle.

Thank you.