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Story's about the hood and so on and sex story's posted by ppl on black planet

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I had this conversation with this girl the other day from her looks a true dime sexy from head to toe she was smileing and had a bounce in her step. I asked her why she was so happy and the words burst from her lips (( i am free!)) and (( i can live life!)) All of my ducks are in line and they are woddeling for me they pay for my trips my hair and nails and they give me whatever i want. I asked how old she was 28 she said. You are 28 and you are just enjoying life? She looked down and then looked at me with tears in her eyes and a hurt soul and said i meet this boy when i was 15 we meet in church. THis boy told me that i would be his wife he was not rilly my type so i walked away but as time went own i grew to love him becuse i new he loved me at 17 we had sex for the first time even thoe we were togeather for 2 years and he was already having sex he said he did't want me to become a young freak. At 17 i became pregnant and at 18 i was married. I did't want to get married i wanted to live but what was i to tell this boy who loved me more than life and spent all his lil money on me he was my first every thing. THis boy never new his dad and his mom was a prostitute and haroin addic and she did't give him and his 5 sisters much of a childhood her testimony is great. SO now i am with this boy who never new much of love or family and all he wants in life is me. I did't even smile at the wedding all his dreams came true and all mines died. HE worked hard to take care his family work and home work and home was all he new and he was happy. HE put us in a apartment the bills were payed but we never had money for much else he did't spoil me any more and i had to go to work I started working at a pizza hut and i was tired of not having so the first dude that threw me a few dallors i had an affair with. My first year married and i had alredy cheated and he was no longer the only man. When my husban found out he slapped me so hard i landed sideways and something in side him died. We got back togeather a week later and time went on we had more kids and more problems. He was always a great father always playing and caring for them he found confort from his pain in them. I was always having affairs trying to find someone with more but for some reason i always told him about them in time. i saw pain in his face two many times. WE married 9 years and he never cheated to my nowledge he said he was content and he understode why i do the things i do and that he just wanted to grow old with us. As time went own he became sufficating and controling he was such a beast saying he was just trying to hold our family togeather. IN april of 08 he lost his job of 7 years and by that time i was just with him for the kids and the bills so i left him well tryed to. HE want let go saying he will work 2 jobs and do whatever it takes to provide for his family and make me happy he will trust me even if i don't deserve it. He will remove his spot light and let me live. I tell him it's to late I need a house I want to travel I want to be treated like a queen!!! I am 28 (( IT'S BETTER TO LOSE A LOVER THAN LOVE A LOSER RIGHT!!)) She looks down and then looks at me with a heavy hart and says agin (right)? --------WHAT DO U THINK???-----