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LET'S MAKE OUR DADDY PROUD BY MAKING PREPARATIONS FOR HIS SON'S RETURN We prepare for other significant events in our lives- Christmas, the Super Bowl, our birthdays and weddings- but what are we doing to prepare for the most significant day in the history of mankind; the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? Blacks, especially, are so apathetic and complacent about future events. Even though we know that certain things, such as death, for example, are certain, still, many do not purchase funeral plans in advance, but leave the burden on their loved ones. If Christians truly believe that the end is near and that the bible is true, and if we physically prepare for other spiritual events in our lives such as weddings, funerals, and baptisms, why are we not making physical preparations for Jesus' Second Coming? Jesus wants us to always watch, and be able to escape all that is about to happen, so we may be able to stand before Him when He returns (as opposed to being laid out all over the earth, our bodies being picked over by vultures)- Luke 21:36. However, few are watching for the signs of His coming because our focus is on partying and the anxieties of life. Very few have given serious thought to Him returning, let alone to them being able to stand when He does return. As Christians, we must put ourselves aside and begin planning for the biggest event in history, after all, truly, We Ain't Got Long To Stay Here. In the Olivet Discourse, the books of Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21, Jesus is talking to His disciples about the signs of the end of the age and of His coming. All too often, we hear of the doom, gloom, disasters, and panicky defeatisms of the end times, but throughout these chapters, Jesus provided numerous implied solutions about the things we need to do to prepare for them. In my book, Top Secret, I discuss how Jesus revealed the weightier matters, which implicitly included His TOP SECRET assignment for us to prepare for our great tribulation flight. He warned us to be watchful, ready, and prayerful that we would be able to survive times of great tribulations. Many never giving the end times so much as a thought, let alone, commit the subject to study and prayer. Due to the mass confusion, misinformation, ignorance, and arguments concerning the end times, even preachers commonly avoid the topic. My plainly written, and easily understood book serves as an aid for churches, ministries, and those who truly believe that all biblical prophecy will continue to be exponentially revealed in frequency and intensity, until the end. Its timely purpose is to put an end to all arguing and dependence upon alleged timeframes associated with the last days, and prepare servants of God for taking-off with our God ordained assignment before it is too late. If God had an assignment for Noah and his family to build an Ark to survive the flood, and Moses, Harriett Tubman, and other abolitionists of the Underground Railroad to set the captives free and provide for their safety and protection, you can best believe He has a plan for those to whom He has given ears to hear it and the abilities to fulfill it, to build an Ark of safety for His great tribulation saints to survive the great tribulations of the end times. An author, doctor of Christian Counseling, end time adviser, and servant of God, I provide end time productions/Steal Aways and speaking engagements at churches, conferences, and any and all Christian and End Time Events. For more information, visit 707-393-7661

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