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"EVERYONE" who believe in Jesus will not perish but have eternal life. NOT everyone who believes will receive rewards. Salvation is a free gift and no one cannot earn it. You must receive it without payment. On the last day, when Christ sits on the judgment seat he will reward us. If the fire burns up your good works (natural living), then you will suffer loss, but you will be saved because you believed. If the fire cannot burn up your good works (supernatural living), then you will receive a reward. What is the reward? God will make you a king (or a queen). Based on the reward you receive, you will either be given dominion over one city, five cities, or ten cities. So, therefore, you will literally receive a kingdom from God. In this life, you serve people with wisdom and a faith that does not quit. You will reign and rule over the nations with a rod of iron (with an iron fist). You will become a strict and hard taskmaster over the believers who were underachievers in this life. They will either die or be left behind to go through the seven-year tribulation. Now, those who live in your kingdom must be subject to you and heed carefully to your words. You will be a king or queen in the Millennial Age. After the millennial age, you will sit on a throne as a judge. You will be entrusted with the authority to judge everyone that was living your kingdom (or dominion, territory). You must execute (carry out) righteous judgment based on their works, and you will give the final judgment. If you justify a subject because of his good works and found his (or her) name in the book of life, then the angels will hear your words and bring them into life eternal. If the angel hears you condemn a subject to the lake of fire because of his (or her) rebellion and his (her) name is not found in the book of life, then the angel will hear your words, bind the condemned subject hands and feet, cast the person into the lake of fire. Have you notice, in the millennial kingdom, only Satan was bound in a prison, but the other demons were free to roam the earth. The demons who roam your dominion will be condemned by your words. So the holy angels will hear your words and will bind those demons and cast them into the lake of fire. That's why I am writing a book entitle THE OVERCOMERS. It will teach how to overcome, so you can receive a reward. Remember your reward will be a kingdom (dominion) over a particular location on earth. You will be given subjects to reign and rule over. At the end of this millennial age, you will have the right to execute righteous judgment over your subjects. You will have authority to justify the righteous for their righteousness and condemn the wicked for their wickedness. The righteous will enter life eternal. The wicked will go into eternal punishment. On the new earth, the Overcomers will continue their reign over their allotted territories (dominion, kingdom) as your righteous subjects continue in their righteousness. God will be glorified above all. Moses and the Prophets will be fulfilled. The Old Testament will be fulfilled. There will be no need for the Law of God, of Moses, and of the Prophets because there is no more sin or death. The New Testament will be fully enforced. Every ruler and subject will live under grace forever. Come and Join this Group! Learn to be an Overcomer! This is the key to becoming a king (queen) and priest (priestess) forever. Ask questions and express your thoughts. The goal of sinners is to receive eternal life. The goal of believers is to receive a kingdom, a palace, a throne, a scepter, a robe, a ring, and a crown. In this period, your haters will be afraid of you especially if they live in your kingdom. I hope you join THE KINGDOM OF GOD. My name is Jesse Ligon. I am 32 years old. I am born again and Spirit filled. I am living in the depths of hell, so close to my resurrection, ready to overcome the world and rest with Christ until God makes my enemies my footstool.

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