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I'm a 70's child. I grew up with spanking, discipline, and order. All that I have been taught and learned to believe in has gone to hell. When it comes to Music, Culture, Community, Family, Relationships, Government and's all gone. The morals and values of this U.S. society has literally gone away. We now, relay strictly on making money..that's it. But isn't there still more to life than just a nice car with rims? That expensive [looking] outfit to wear to church? (or the club). Isn't it more than just a song that says "I gotta get me some this weekend" Isn't it more than publicly speaking about gettin your drink and smoke on?? Sure, I like to indulge in most of the above, but do I feel like I need to make a song about my shortcomings? NO. Have YOU noticed that Black people were actually making great progress after the Civil Rights Movement, and then we fell on our face - and lost teeth- hence losing our BITE? Something has gone terribly wrong. We now influence the world, while at the same time, STILL the bottom feeders. Sure, there are many successful Black folks who lead and make a difference in the world, Obama? But I'm heartbroken about our President. Not because he is constantly criticized, that's a whole other subject. But I voted for the First Black President because I thought that if he became The First Black President of the United States of America, no one could ever say that they didn't make it because they were Black. Well. The whole idea took a completely different path when I heard a "have not" say "well that mothaf**ka ain't even Black. Really? C'mon man. Do we have to have an excuse EVERY TIME? OK Touche, let's just say he ain't black, He looks and acts black. He represents Black people. Dammit Boy. I think we all want to blame everyone else for our lack of progress...but let's entertain the thought for a sec. Asians - They know the game. They are here, they make sure they don't wind up on the news for SHIT. Unless its for a Greater Good. I will elaborate on this more later..Chime in. Let's start a discussion. Ask Questions. Don't be scared to voice your opinion. IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING INTELLIGENT TO SAY STFU/DSATAA. (DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!)

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