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recipe to heal the soul

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recipe for healing


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love , we cannot define the real love of god and how much he loved us because its unmeasured, in order to feel the true love of god with its depth, you have to open up your heart and repent and forgive and let go, i mean let until you don't think about the hurt anymore or what ever has gone wrong in your life, and not bring it back up, allow god to heal you and feel his love, but you have to have this recipe

first ingredient - 1 full cup of repentance of whatever you did wrong and even those things that's, wrong that you dont know you are doing or have no understanding of

second ingredient- 2 full cups of forgiveness- one cup of forgiveness for yourself
the second cup of forgiveness for others

third ingredient- take off all layers of the past, its never coming back , yesterday is gone , not ever will the past return again ever, so stop thinking over it

fourth ingredient- let it go, give it to god on your knees , tell god everything until your empty, with all your heart

fifth ingredient- don't allow anyone to call you on the phone, to tell you a lot of gossip or negative things, and don't, at anytime allow anyone to dump garbage in your ears, and feed your soul negative, because the negative gossip will bind you and feed the negative things that happened to you in your past or present and that is all you will be able to think about- then you become a tool for devil in your thinking,

so bind them by not allowing them to feed negative things in your ears, meaning don't hear it, if someone cant encourage you or say good things, as Philippians chapter 4;8- don't keep company with them,

when you apply gods principles you can free and loose yourself that is what the holy spirit does,so be a vessel, just remember god is a god of peace and love, and god doesn't want us to hurt - that's why there healing

natural ingredient from god- if you applied all the above ingredients in your recipe for the soul- the holy spirit comes to loose you and set you free and you don't need no body to lay hands on you, but for some because of the extent of the depth of the spiritual repairs,your healing may take time and you may heal as each day go by for others some instantly healed gifts of the holy spirit- just remember god is not a god of contentions or gossip or misleading you- god loves us, he adds no burdens when it comes from god and when you are lead by the holy-spirit , heal yourself with the help of the holy-spirit and the blood of

Jesus, so you can feel love and draw those who love you to you through the love of god in you reaching to love others, i love you with kindness and peace, may the grace of god be with you love yunish December 2009